You’re Paying Cordish To Bend You Over, Again

It’s a new week. You likely got paid at the end of last week. Which means you can spare a dollar for tornado relief. Give back today. [Red Cross]

Go watch this ten minutes of security footage of a tornado rolling through West Liberty if you need a reminder of why you should give back. [WKYT]

What? You need a reminder that Greg Fischer wants you to forget that he okayed the firing of the Metro Parks whistleblower? [The ‘Ville Voice]

Now Cordish is requesting an $850,000 forgivable loan from Metro Government. So a bar can move to 4th Street. $850K to create some of the lowest paying jobs in the country. [Dan Klepal]

Here comes the media circle jerk over what a great thing it is. You can almost feel your local government bending over to pay Cordish with your sweet, sweet tax dollars. [Business First]

People are still freaking out about a new VA hospital so here’s an interview with Mitch McConnell about it. [FOX41]

Remember John Ziegler? The guy who tried to sexytime some lady on the radio or something and John Yarmuth had to go to court over it? He now has some conspiracy theory Obama movie. [Wonkette & Click the Clicky]

First you get taken for a ride with gasoline price fixing. Then you probably explode because your fuel secretly has too much ethanol and your chainsaw goes pow. [WAVE3]

FEMA disaster relief may be coming to families in need. But that doesn’t mean you should stop supporting relief efforts. [WHAS11]

The Kentucky Senate has passed a bill that would allow students to attend a school outside their district. [WFPL]

So maybe you Indiana folks don’t have to worry about defending yourself against illegal entry, after all. [WLKY]

The Kentucky Horse Park is struggling, to say the least, so these kid-friendly exhibits couldn’t come at a better time. [H-L]

2 thoughts on “You’re Paying Cordish To Bend You Over, Again

  1. “Shabby Treatment of Vets”

    On the VA hospital issue, here is the epitome of hypocrisy: Many pols pound the war drums without missing a beat; but when our troops come home, the same pols could give a rat’s ass about them. Chicken-hawk pols (the majority in the GOP) are especially prone to this supreme hypocrisy. Try a lot harder to prove me wrong, Mitch!

  2. Oh! Sure….another $850k to Cordish….R U Kidding Me?….The City & Cordish ran off the best Place downtown ever had “COYOTE’S”….which employed over 100 people for almost 20 years, by screwing them with all the FREE money to Cordish….why not give it ,or OFFER it to the local guys who know what they are doing, and have demonstrated their commitment to our City…..It is unreal the way the Lies from The City & Economic Development have been shoved down the throats of the Council!….I can’t believe that more of them can’t get some Balls and `STOP & Change this !….They CAN Change IT….Louisville needs another bar at 4th street like Henryville needs another TORNADO

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