JCPS “Diversity” Director Has History Of… Wow

The press in Philadelphia haven’t forgotten Jamilah Fraser, Jefferson County Public Schools’ newest scandal queen.

Here’s a taste:

Fraser, who was paid $170,000 a year to run former Superintendent Arlene Ackerman’s propaganda, er, public-relations office, has landed on her feet.


That’s despite not having the work or school experience initially required for the job, the Courier-Journal, of Louisville, reported. Donna Hargens, Jefferson County’s superintendent, defended her decision to hire Fraser this week after a school board member brought up Fraser’s experience as Ackerman’s personal-image concierge.


When the Daily News ran a Photoshopped image of Ackerman under the headline “SCHOOL DISTRICT’S CHAINSAW MASSACRE,” Fraser’s team spent the day on social media, claiming that we were promoting violence.

It turned into a pretty amusing Twitter fight – as much as fights between newspaper editors and school district Twitter accounts can be – that I quite enjoyed. I hope the city’s taxpayers did as well.

Click here to read the entire thing. No wonder she’s lobbing threats and leaving comments on The ‘Ville Voice.

Louisville wins again. It’s so bad that Greg Fischer could have hand-picked this girl himself.

P.S. Like we said a few days ago, the press was set to examine her experience and qualifications as they compare to her job requirements at JCPS.

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  1. Unfortunately, she doesn’t meet the qualifications even after these were downgraded from the original advertisement. The only thing that makes this different from some of shenanigans Dr. Berman pulled is that the position does not require approval from the Education Policy Standards Board.

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