You Probably Have To Work On Pretzeldent Day

It’s Pretzeldent Day. Of course the round-up is delayed. Expect light posting today, as well.

Of course the State Fair Board wants to build a luxury hotel. That’s not completely weird or anything. Especially in this economy. [H-L]

The National Council on Teacher Quality released its annual report. Kentucky ranks 27th with a D+. [External PDF Link]

The city is finally learning that Greg Fischer doesn’t have real business or leadership experience. The city’s rainy day fund is drying up and everyone fears the city’s credit rating will drop. Even Jerry Abramson knew better than to play that game. [C-J/AKN]

Just like we said, the local press is spending every waking moment discussing the opening of the Sherman Minton bridge. [FOX41]

On a scale of 1 to 10, how obsessed is WAVE3 with running stories like this one about sex-change treatment for kids? As if constantly sending their gay reporters (WHAS11 does it, too) to cover gay stories all the time wasn’t silly enough? Gotta run with this specious AP story in an awkward manner. [WAVE3]

UPS wants to buy a Dutch delivery giant. Could this be good for the local economy? [Business First]

This same story about rising gas prices has been run for, oh, how long? At least ten years? 20? It’s still running. [WHAS11]

That coal ash informational meeting is tonight. Don’t forget it if you live in the southwestern part of town. [WFPL]

Something tells us this story of two LMPD officers who were bitten by a dog and then killing it is going to linger on for a while. [WLKY]

The bridge re-opening is literally anybody can talk about. It’s non-stop. [84WHAS]

4 thoughts on “You Probably Have To Work On Pretzeldent Day

  1. Looks like WLKY’s story about LMPD shooting the dog changed quite a bit from the one originally posted.

    Maybe the only story that might linger is WLKY’s shoot first, ask questions later style of reporting. That is, if it were at all unusual.

  2. Not to disagree with your point about Fischer, Jerry tried to raise the money under the guise of a library tax which he thought he could guilt the public into passing. If the library tax had a moonlight provision, I would have given him the benefit of the doubt.

  3. True. Jerry likes to dance the little sidestep…..I can see him dancing around the capital rotunda now.

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