UofL Merger Shenanigans Were Quickly Reborn

Ready for this big we-told-you-so moment? The University of Louisville Hospital’s latest partner search is bringing out the very company it tried to merge with last year. [C-J/AKN]

Guess it’s fitting that a story about the growth of Catholic hospitals limiting access to reproductive care has hit the national stage. This one specifically mentions Kentucky and Steve Beshear. [NYT]

Now Harold Workman says the state fair board may have a lease deal with the Koch Family. But there are still no plans and members of the board haven’t yet seen anything. We can’t wait to see what he thinks is a better deal than what Ed Hart put together. [FOX41]

Whoops? Maybe that UPS deal to buy a Dutch shipping giant isn’t going to happen. [WSJ]

Dear No Kill Louisville: We found two warehouse locations for you to store your food bank. However, you refused to consider any sort of flexibility and turned down even the option to view the 20 feet of vertical space a generals businessman offered you. When it comes to FREE, you can’t turn things down without actually checking a space out. You not only dragged your feet for three weeks prior to responding but had no ability to think outside the box. You need to get your shiz together before putting out pleas like this. [WAVE3]

Have lots of books you’ll never read again? Donate them to Locust Grove for its annual used book sale. Or just sell them on eBay to support a charity of your choice. [Consuming Louisville]

This is why Louisville can have nice things. Because its health care community continually makes progress. [WHAS11]

A new study suggests that Appalachia’s health disparities aren’t directly linked to coal mining. Well, duh? [WFPL]

The DEA is investigating a drug theft at Rural Metro Ambulance and we smell a gigantic hot mess. [More FOX41]

The man accused of having his Pit attack police officers will face a judge this morning. This story has certainly evolved quite a bit. [WLKY]

Have you read this story about a Ft. Wayne man who thinks the Girl Scouts of America is a radical organization? He who doth protest… [HuffPo]

Christy Brown should pay attention to this battle. An appeals court struck down a regulation restricting surface mining in Eastern Kentucky. [H-L]

4 thoughts on “UofL Merger Shenanigans Were Quickly Reborn

  1. “Fightin’ for a Cure for the Hospital Cancer”

    JR: “How do we make this new hospital merger plan sound unlike the old one that we lost out on?”

    UofL PR Man: “We give the old pig some new lipstick and try to fool the public officials. After all, they are mostly lamebrains.”

    JR: “If it fails this time, I say we move toward alternative medicine and herbal cures. No Church problem with that.”

  2. I repeat what I said before. Lincoln once said, “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Ramsey has added a ‘but’ [butt], But you might as well try.!!!

    Is this outfit tone deaf, or what? If this outfit qualifies as a Board of Trustees for a REAL university, then I’m also “an Italian War Hero.”

  3. “A Minor Beef with Highlander”

    I am usually on your side, Highlander; but I do have a minor correction to your last posting. I know some old Italians who fled Mussolini’s army (that qualifies for heroism). Indeed, some of them are still alive. They thus contrast with the UofL Board of Cadavers. It is difficult to say that the latter are alive to any ideas that counter JR’s. In fact, they are the main reason JR is still alive as an athletic club president.

  4. I’m sure there were those who fled Mussolini’s army — and they’re entitled to a hero’s status. Italy’s problem is that those deserters were the first war heros since Augustus and Julius Caesar — thus my observation.

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