Turns Out Fischer HAD Made An LMPD Decision

Now that everyone knows Steve Conrad will move to Louisville from Arizona to be the chief of LMPD, we thought it’d be a good idea to discuss what everyone is thinking.

A couple weeks ago, when we linked that story in an AZ paper about Greg Fischer having already selected his new chief. Naturally, the mayor’s office melted down, calling the story bogus, a farce.

Turns out that the story was spot-on and Greg lied through his teeth about having made a decision.

Funny how that works.

2 thoughts on “Turns Out Fischer HAD Made An LMPD Decision

  1. Geesh! I’m sure what happens more; Fischy lying or cops shooting dogs. Speaking of dogs, NKL wise the eff up, its hard to take you serious when its been many months without a plan, reach out for help with finding space then choose to be picky and still come off unorganized. I have lost faith in your ability long ago. While LMAS is still a cluster f***. You have done very little to be the alternative solution. Either find a national organization to carry the water full-time or get out of the way. A grass-roots effort is noble but it ain’t getting it done. As dumb and as arrogant as Fischy is, he still is two steps ahead of you and has the luxury of ignoring you.

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