The MSD Scandal Just Got Flushed From Memory

Sam Sifton, national editor for the New York Times will be at Bellarmine on the 9th to discuss presidential campaign coverage. [Press Release]

We love us some Proof and 21C but let’s not pretend that proof is the best place to eat in all of Louisville. [Zagat]

Gregory O’Bryan, the guy accused of killing Andrew Compton, is due in court for a pre-trial hearing today at 8:45 A.M. [What Happened To Andrew?]

Wow. We thought the mainstream could do better than a whitewash when it came to Bud Shart… Schardein. But, uh, nope, obviously not. Wow wow wow. [C-J/AKN]

This is also how the story is being told on local television stations. Three sentences that mentions nothing of the scandal, nothing of that $200,000 bonus for being corrupt, nothing of the problems the city faces. Wow. [WAVE3]

Oh, wait, here’s a four sentence story about Schardein’s “retirement” from the Metro Sewer District. [WLKY]

Fortunately, there are a few media outlets in Louisville that won’t let the city forget what really went down with that scandal. [WFPL]

Do America’s infrastructure problems go beyond crumbling roads and bridges? [HuffPo]

On a scale of 1 to Greg Fischer on the day he gets to leave office, how excited are you that Time Warner has been given the go-ahead to purchase Insight Communications? [FOX41]

Publisher of A Kentucky Newspaper, Arnold Garson, is retiring on March 2. You knew this was just a temporary dumping ground for him. Did he even bother putting Kentucky plates on his vehicle? [Deep Newspaper Thoughts]

The head of Metro Parks got to drive drunk in a city vehicle and still kept his job. So why should we expect little issues involving metal detectors to be resolved with ease? That department is at least as screwed up as Metro Animal Services. [WHAS11]

There was a giant drug bust in Jack Conway’s backyard this week, right as he started talking again about how he’s cut off the pill supply from Florida. [Page One]

The Bourbon Women Association is apparently a thing and it has some sort of $25 event series coming up. It’s bourbon, so we obviously had to mention it. [Business First]

5 thoughts on “The MSD Scandal Just Got Flushed From Memory

  1. Re metal detectors in metro parks (perhaps an isolated observation) – A couple years ago I observed a car pull up next to a small neighborhood “pocket” park. A man got out with a metal detector and began mostly scouring the easement between the sidewalk & the street – with his vehicle pretty much blocking my view. He would sweep with the detector, then stoop down out of view. When he left, he also left a bunch of DIVOTS, numerous little humps of dirt and/or grass where he had dug into the soil. That easement appeared rough & unkempt for the next year.

  2. Wonder why the right to know Louisville media has a Facebook link to these news stories and then when someone says something critical of Bud or Greg or Heitzman or the Parks Director that it ends up getting deleted. Even though the comments are exposing corruption in government. Hmm. Strange that they tell everyone how they are working for you yet when someone exposes these people, the news media here covers up the facts and just gives some pitiful little story without details. Just wondering what the media has to hide for covering up from the Greg Fischer group and Bud Schardein as well.

    You know, its strange that people report the truth but the “right to know” news media isn’t interested in stepping on someone’s toes. Wonder who has pictures on who or who is being paid hush money not to report or better yet, are they talking about retribution for breaking stories. Amazing. But its big news when someone of minor importance does something like drugs or some other crime. While the big fish in the pond rip off the taxpayers and community at large. Gotta love the hypocrisy

  3. Bill, good points. Do you think the money from the city ad dollars they each receive has any impact on their investigative reporting of those folks?

  4. Well said Bill. its funny Fisher has a facebook page asking for advice and opinions but the minute someone post the truth bam its deleted. and you can forget about the CJ writing about anything negative.

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