That MSD Audit? MSD Folks Saying It’s Pointless

Metro Gubmint reached a $3.5 million franchise deal with Insight Communications. Is this good or bad for the city? [C-J/AKN]

The payout will allegedly help the city’s looming budgetary nightmare. But is that it? [WFPL]

Woah, the Fraternal Order of Police doesn’t plan to endorse a candidate for LMPD chief. It’s a shame the officers of our city’s police department aren’t ever consulted before a new leader is selected. [FOX41]

Remember when that Corvette flipped on 71 a while back and the press said the crash maybe involved alcohol? We hear the crash occurred while LMPD was in pursuit. [Things We Hear]

We were saddened to learn of the death of Bernie Trager. Foibles and differences aside, he was as nice a guy as Owsley and taught everyone who knew him a great deal about business. [H-L]

What was that, again, about the horse industry not being deeply involved with casino gambling? [Business First]

Thunder Over Louisville’s 2012 theme is set to be announced today. Will it be as gay as the time all that Judy Garland junk was played and rainbow fireworks lit up the bridge? [WHAS11]

Just a reminder that Jerry Abramson is “in charge” of tax reform in Kentucky. So comprehensive tax reform still won’t occur in the Commonwealth. [Ryan Alessi]

Indiana’s new Right to Work law is sparking concern among local unions. Maybe they wouldn’t have anything to worry about it if they hadn’t played pat-a-cake with the most corrupt elected officials in history for years and years. [WAVE3]

The editorial board seems absolutely baffled that Democrats would do stupid things and cast stupid votes. [C-J/AKN]

January wasn’t such a terrible month for the Commonwealth of Kentucky when it came to tax receipts. [Page One]

Protesters went insane when the circus came to town. Funny, you never hear PETA complaining about animal shelters – not just Louisville’s – killing thousands of animals every five seconds. Why? PETA supports euthanasia. It’s a hot, nasty mess. [WLKY]

The state audit of your super-corrupt Metro Sewer District will come tomorrow and the typical MSD folks are already freaking out a little. The reality that MSD isn’t required to follow the auditor’s advice – and notes such – should open your eyes a great deal. [More WFPL]

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  1. Had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Trager after the wind storm years back when a tree toppled over onto his fence. He hired my company to survey his property to determine who’s tree it was. Was super nice and extremely great to talk to. Never had a client treat my crew and I as well as he did. Praying for the Trager family during their time of loss.

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