Metro Shenanigans: Time For A Joe Riffe Update

Metro EMS champ Joe Riffe sent us an email over the weekend and we wanted to share a portion of it with you:

I was able to get out of the hospital after just 4 days, well ahead of the normal stay for an above knee amputation. I’m working on physical therapy and trying to get ready for my prosthetic.

How bout that? Terrific news!

We also heard from some other Metro Government employees who reminded us of who the LMEMS Human Resources liaison is.

Jennifer Maupin.

She’s the individual who was partially responsible for that Eric Garrett fiasco at Public Works. And this definitely explains why Riffe is getting the shaft by Fischer & Crew.

7 thoughts on “Metro Shenanigans: Time For A Joe Riffe Update

  1. Guess after losing all that weight, King still can’t his balls. Here another opportunity for King to step. What bloody candy-ass he is. LMAS nothing, EMS nothing what’sKing not going to do next. I hope this chap sticks his new leg right Fischy’s stupid ass. What does Fischer have to do or not do for someone to call his ass out? Riffe is why Louisville has heart unfortunately our Mayor doesn’t have a brain to match.

  2. Jake, please remind Joe that LMPD has a post op uni-ped as well. In fact he has been decorated several times since his accident. His name is Sgt Kevin Trees and is a wonderful example of why and how people can continue in their careers with out a limb.

  3. I used to work for LMAS where I was harrassed and bullied by the person who trained me because I was openly gay. Coworkers heard the outspoken way in which this indivual discussed how disgusting I was, etc. It made my workplace very hostile. I went through the chain of command which led me to HR and Jennifer Maupin. I had letters from coworkers who witnessed this behavior. I was interviewed by Jennifer, along with the other witnesses. Time went by and Miss Maupin told me there was nothing they could do and that there would be no disiplinary action. It left me feeling defeated and it was very clear that a gay person had no rights under metro government or at least in Jennifer Maupin’s HR department. I feel sorry for anyone dealing with Miss Maupin because she is not helpful at all.

  4. pittie lover, it is to bad you did not video any of the abuse via your camera. One little video clip does wonders to bring the facts to the surface. Hopefully others workers at Louisville Metro will realize the power of the camera

  5. Lil’ Miss Maudlin Maupin, daughter to deputy mayor Rick Johnstone, and What’s His Face, son of Bill Summer, one time deputy mayor and currently something Big on the Bridges committee, were both hired to conduct investigations into employee wrong doing by Metro HR. Don’t know what happened to What’s His Face, but after Miss Maupin royally screwed up the Eric Garret investigation, she was reassigned to EMS in a position I’m sure she’s equally qualified to perform, and HR investigations are presently being performed by the agency bringing the complaint.

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