Maybe Not Such A Great Week For TARC News

No, the Kings are not moving to Louisville. Quit holding your breath and believing that hype. [Click the Clicky]

Don’t you find it hilarious that the only people attacking the addition of a sidewalk in an area sorely in need of pedestrian traffic is someone at an elitist hair salon run by people who drive a Maserati and live far, far away in the East End? [C-J/AKN]

Wait, yet another sewer/poop incident downtown? Seems like it’s only a matter of time until there’s actually poop flooding the streets. [WLKY]

This isn’t the first time a state government official has done something shady with corporate money outside the country and it won’t be the last. [John Cheves]

Have you seen this story about the secret world of human trafficking in the Bluegrass? [WKYT]

Suspending a TARC supervisor for four weeks without pay for kicking a drunk man who attacked him may seem extreme at first. But it’s pretty easy to get away from a drunk guy. [FOX41]

Maybe Barry Barker had to suspend the guy without pay so he can afford to pay out all those accident settlements. [WAVE3]

The Metropolitan Sewer District board further loosened on Monday what were once very tight curbs on public participation at its meetings. [C-J/AKN]

Jim Host knows that Grease Bucket Manager Ted Nicholson was fired because operations have been a bit of a disaster. [Business First]

The now-former head of One Southern Indiana had to “resign” after sending pictures of his wiener to several women from his work email address. [News & Tribune]

Here comes a particular female reporter (though she’s not named in the web posting) pushing stories for Bob Gunnell about the Brownsboro Road sidewalk again. If you think that’s not the case, I have a lot of other stories for you that will make you think twice about the lack of disclosure coming from your local news outlets. [WHAS11]

Louisville Gas and Electric is meeting resistance from residents and the state Division of Waste Management over a proposed coal ash landfill near its Trimble County power station. It’s a story most media outlets have been ignoring for quite some time. [WFPL]