Let’s See How Hard Jim Host Can Spin This Week


Kentucky has the #2 worst well-being of all 50 states in the United States of America. The only state worse is West Virginia. And that’s just barely. [HuffPo]

LMPD was a no-show last night at a meeting with Occupy Louisville. The excuse is that there’s ongoing litigation. LMPD folks tell us Greg Fischer’s office made that decision. [Deep Louisville Failures]

This is what Steve Beshear’s crew is all about. And people still try to tell me they’re golden and wonderful people. [H-L]

Really, it’s unbelievably hilarious that Jim Host is still pretending to be shocked that Ted Nicholson was fired from the Grease Bucket Arena. [FOX41]

And now Yum! Brands is denying reports that it has plans for restaurants in Iran. [Business First]

For more proof Nicholson was part of the problem and a Host/Beshear apologist, look how Ron Carmicle and the rest of the Beshear crew are reacting. [WHAS11]

Tell us we’re wrong for thinking Jefferson County Public Schools are once again about to get the shaft. Central office workers are in a rage, emailing is non-stop. [WFPL]

There were absolutely no other important news stories in Louisville. So this station did a story about pot holes. [WLKY]

March is American Red Cross Month in Kentucky. Officially. So why aren’t the Fairness folks complaining about that? It’s an organization that discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation. And the Commonwealth’s government officially approves of it. [SoS]

A Northern Kentucky woman is being honored by the White House. Finally something that won’t make you cringe for the Commonwealth. [Page One]

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  1. Based on the way the the group is operating, I wouldn’t doubt it a bit.

    But LMPD says it didn’t show because of pending litigation.

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