Jerry’s Spendy Housing Gal Going On Trial In May

Ed Hart and Bruce Lunsford have obtained the North American rights to “Great Expectations.” Which is kind of a big deal. [C-J/AKN]

Once again, this is why Greg Fischer wanted to be mayor. For the socialite photo opportunities. In the “newspaper” that will run an op-ed this week about how the GOP “must convince young people it’s the party of options.” [V-T]

So now the news of Amazon building a massive distribution center in Jeffersonville is more than speculation? [FOX41]

What? The Democratic co-sponsor of the gambling bill is employed by a horse track co-owner? You don’t say. And that’s why the gambling bill is dead in the water as it currently exists. R.J. Palmer is just the latest kink in the chain. [John Cheves]

No, this Democratic teabagger girl is not going to beat Reggie Meeks. So please stop asking about it. [WFPL]

We don’t love much about Madonna Flood but her “Doing Our Part from the Heart” campaign is something we can all appreciate and support. Note: we didn’t publish the photos she sent this year because they were filled with nothing but products that are basically the reason America is fat as a house. But that doesn’t mean her project isn’t terrific. [WLKY]

Greg Fischer first found out what Pecha Kucha is more than a year ago at 21C. The same night he broke a sweat when he realized he would have to speak to Jake if he wanted to get near Gill Holland and other community leaders. So he just sat on a couch by himself for 45 minutes. Oh, about Pecha Kucha… turns out he’s now having his own little funtimes party with a cash bar in Metro Hall on the 21st. You can come to your own conclusions. [Consuming Louisville]

What? Now Bowman Field may be keeping all those trees? Funny how that worked out. [WHAS11]

This has little to do with Louisville but a Johnny Cash museum is planned for Nashville. Which gives you more reason to visit a town that’s both smaller than Louisville and with better leadership. [Business First]

Jerry Abramson’s (remember him?) former Housing Director is set to go on trial in May. We predict the mainstream will protect her superiors at all costs. [WAVE3]

Speaking of the mainstream ignoring a massive scandal… don’t forget that a massive state government audit revealed all kinds of corruption, millions of wasted dollars and basically no direction in the Beshear Administration. It was quickly covered up (literally 30 minutes after it was release) by a press conference about gambling. [Page One]

6 thoughts on “Jerry’s Spendy Housing Gal Going On Trial In May

  1. Not only should Buntin be prosecuted for stealing from her employer (us!), but she should be forced to return the Unemployment compensation to which she was legally NOT ENTITLED. And the former mayor should have to MATCH the returned Unemployment benefits for “giving her permission” to collect them. This really riled me, because I’m sure others a lot more “deserving” have been denied Unemployment pay because their caseworker religiously dotted all the “i’s” & crossed all the “t’s” in their applications. No other case could be LESS subjective that one whose firing – and the reasons – were aired publicly.

  2. Although I basically agree with the spirit of your comment, there is one case of a former Metro department head who resigned amid public outrage and scandal while still managing to collect unemployment benefits who trumps accused felon and all ’round good-time gurrrl Kim Bunton, and that would be the notorious kitten killer and alleged sexual predator who described his relationship with Abramson as being like Gay Love – Gilles Meloche.

  3. It is quite ridiculous that some of these people actually collected and qualified for unemployment at a time when they were making salaries several times that of unemployment and not only that but they also were dismissed from their jobs for bungling and incompetence. It’s not as if they should be broke and living at the street level anyway considering the salaries. Even more ridiculous is for them to be able to draw unemployment in the case of Bunton and Meloche.

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