How Dare Us Ask Qs About Kentucky Kingdom!

Greg Fischer is still pushing this aging care industry lobbyist mantra. Where the hell does he find the time to write all this and promote it on Facebook and Twitter? [Click the Clicky]

Kentucky musician Ben Sollee was featured on CNN. Check this video out. It’ll autoplay. [CNN]

Here’s Greg Fischer discussing the five finalists for chief of police. [WAVE3]

Aww, it’s cute that Damon Thayer is still freaking out over his client list. Even more cute that he’s still pretending he has zero conflict of interest. Absolutely, 100% no appearance of impropriety on his part, he says. [Page One Here & Here]

It might snow. A little bit. Maybe. So rush to Kroger and buy up all the bread and milk just in case. You’ll see every meemaw in town there still in curlers. Maybe even in housecoats. [FOX41]

Once again, Tina Ward-Pugh fails to make her argument because she just gets bent out of shape. Sidewalks on Brownsboro Road aren’t just about the disabled. They’re about an entire neighborhood being able to walk around their neighborhood without getting run over by some fat guy named Bob in his soon-to-be-repossessed car. [C-J/AKN]

Yet another example of local media half-assing a story and reporting absolute bogus information about the Brownsboro Road sidewalk mess. [WLKY]

42 employees of your local newspaper – yes, 42 – have been offered buyouts by the Gannett beast. [Business First]

When will Old Dirty Judy start repaying that $130,000 she’s cost the taxpayers of Louisville? [WHAS11]

Whaaaat? Greg Fischer taking part in yet another socialite photoshoot? Surely not. [V-T]

For all of you folks who say racism doesn’t exist amongst the gays? Think again. [WFPL]

You wouldn’t believe the amount of hateful telephone calls we received over our story about Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World. [The ‘Ville Voice]