Greg Announced The LMPD Chief Finalists

Now that Greg Fischer has announced the finalists for Metro Police chief:

  • Steve Conrad, Chief of Police in Glendale, AZ and former LMPD assistant chief
  • Yvette Gentry, LMPD Deputy Chief / Patrol Bureau Commander
  • Vincent Robison, LMPD Deputy Chief and Chief of Staff
  • Rick Sanders, Chief of the J-town Police Department
  • Glenn Skeens, Chief of Police in Owensboro

What’s your take? is sure to chime in momentarily.

But something tells us this is going to get interesting. Because the commenters on Facebook are having a field day.

5 thoughts on “Greg Announced The LMPD Chief Finalists

  1. Laurie,

    Rick Sanders resume is impressive. He was the number 2 in charge of DEA, which means he ran a 5000 person agency. A 1200 person agency would be a snap.

  2. I can’t think of a better pick than Sanders.

    He’s not the type to take crap from people like Greg Fischer. He doesn’t kiss butt. You can look at his career trajectory and see that this is a step down for him – it’s something he truly enjoys and wants to remain in his community.

    His wife and family are also solid. They’re invested in this community and aren’t going to leave when he decides to retire.

    I’m personally biased and hope he gets the job. Which means he’s the right person for the job, in my opinion… and with this mayor, he never picks the right person… so… guess we’ll have to settle for someone sub-par.

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