Fischer Continues Trail Of Campaign Finance Lies

Still remember Greg Fischer’s latest campaign finance mess? The one where he’s lied umpteen times to the press about inaugural fund contributions from Bruce Lunsford and Ed Hart? The funds he and his people pulled a bait-and-switch with to use as campaign contributions to retire Greg’s personal debt?

Here’s your refresher:

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His inaugural account filed amendments for its December 2010 and March 2011 Quarterly reports with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance last week:

Still no mention of the contributions from Bruce Lunsford or Ed Hart.

So it’s clear Greg Fischer is continuing to illegally handle those funds.

If this ever gets to court? A judge looks at it and says, “Uh, you corrected other problems but not these glaring issues backed up with a paper trail? You’re a Steve Henry-style criminal.”

It’s time for Jack Conway to appoint a special prosecutor in this case so the Kentucky State Police Special Investigations Unit can dig in.