Dear LMPD: Get Your Shit Together ASAP

Because this Occupy Louisville mess is going to be a disaster for you.

Dragging someone into a building against their will? Barking orders like you’re Greg Fischer’s daddy telling him what to do? Acting as if these people yelling outside a bank are a threat to anyone but themselves and the East End Ladies Of Leisure hiding in Starbucks?


You wonder why this city doesn’t stand up for you when you get royally effed by your leadership and your man-boy mayor?

This is coming from me – your biggest advocate and someone who rolls his eyes at the Occupy group here.

You need to issue a major public apology.


Remember what it was like when Jerry Abramson and Robert White had you guys following me during the mayoral race? And how you always apologized and told me what was going on because I went to bat for you? How you would give me the heads-up so people like Jim King could intervene? I do. So I know you know the difference between right and wrong. I know you’re capable of avoiding public relations disasters because you’ve done so with me, personally.

You’re soon going to have no one standing up for you if you keep these actions up, though. Not even me.

This is a sad joke.

And to Greg Fischer: a couple of your gay staffers who constantly try to get on me confided that you knew about these shenanigans as they were happening. You, too, need to issue an apology. So call up Lynn and have her write one for you, as I know you’re incapable of writing one yourself.

12 thoughts on “Dear LMPD: Get Your Shit Together ASAP

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who randomly jumps into second person when things get real.
    Monday night’s virtual “talk with Greg’s army of Tommy Elliott-selected advisors” should be interesting.

    And OL protest against ALEC on Wednesday in front of YUM! Center. Looks like more top-level-ordered overtime for LMPD.

  2. the word is that this young lady had an earlier altercation with the 1st lmpd on scene. Not what was videoed. Maybe Occupy Louisville should provide all of their video for review.

    I am bettin’ that the banks video will show alot more than the few minutes here.

  3. If that were the case, GA, LMPD folks who talk to me all the time would have been able to convince me.

    The reality, here, is that Chase opened its doors for LMPD because these folks were upset with the bank. The bank actually reached out to Greg Fischer over this.

    If protesting was such a big deal… why haven’t any of the other myriad protests that have occurred on that very corner ever caused such a scene? It’s not like this was some violent gathering.

    I’m a proponent of the police and usually err on their side, as the past several years have proved. But this is a stupid incident. Like dozens of other stupid incidents involving the Occupy folks lately.

  4. Jake ,
    I can’t and won’t disagree with you. My problem with the clips is that they show a very minute portion of the “rally” and doesn’t show more than what the protestors want to be seen.

    If they want me to take them seriously, show everything. In other words show the transparency they, and many of us, want that is not shown from the administration and from the senior command of the LMPD.

    I have a hard time taking the Occupy folks seriously because of this. That is my point entirely.
    If, and I say IF, one their cohort actually did attempt to grab the officer’s gun belt, then they actually came out better than they should have. I would like to see if the video shows an order to disperse and the advisement to not block access to the facility. As of now, they don’t show much.

    The banks video will probably show more, let alone the officer’s audio from the cruisers.

    The occupiers are no better than the tea baggers but have only proven to be less humorous watch. After all I love the mee-maws with their world is ending signs.

    And to further agree with you, Louisville’s politicians are so afraid to make any decision on these and other ilk like the Klan and other ilk to do whatever they want.

    Possibility City, indeed.


  5. I don’t take the local “occupiers” too seriously. They’re mostly the standard crew that protest everything. Some of them friends of mine.

    But this incident involving LMPD is ridiculous.

    The behavior of dragging people inside is alone enough to warrant a ton of public scrutiny.

    You’d think in a time when the folks at WAVE3 love wrongly dragging LMPD officers and KSP troopers through the mud, they’d take this seriously.

  6. The drama queen with the camera appeared to have bumped the cop from behind. That is not a smart move. Also, if a cop asked you to come inside to talk, do it! There were plenty of witnesses and cameras inside the bank. It seems they were instigating trouble. I suppose they wanted the attention.

  7. Most people with common sense aren’t going to do something unless legally required.

    I, for one, am not doing anything a cop asks me to do unless I’ve: seen a badge, they have cause and clearly tell me what they’re requesting and why they’re requesting it.

  8. I have to respectfully Disagree.

    The right to assemble and protest is the American way, but getting up in the face of a police officer is a recipe for disaster. When the lady reached for the gun belt of the police officer, it put the officer and everyone around them in danger. Game Over.

    It looked to me that the Occupy people were looking for a fight. Not enough attention being paid to them lately, so let’s stir the pot. They got what they were looking for, and LMPD owes them nothing. The police were put in an impossible situation.

    I have no use for Mayor Fisher and Metro Council, but they have been more than patient.

  9. One stupid girl touched an officer. What about the rest? Right. They didn’t touch the officer and weren’t involved in that. They were dragging others around – folks who didn’t touch or engage an officer.

    It “looked” to you – meaning you weren’t there. Meaning you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Impossible situation with 35 people? And a dozen officers? HAHA.

    Take your spin elsewhere.

  10. Fair Enough. I was not there. I guess will see how it shakes out. Not sure how my comment is spin, but what the heck.

    I read you because you give everybody hell and take no prisoners no matter their political leanings. I’m sure you will get the actual story.

  11. I have to agree with the poster that anyone putting their hands on an officer is just asking for huge trouble. They have weapons to protect to keep things from turning deadly for anyone involved. I also have no respect for these Occupy people at all. Please do not block the doors and sidewalks to legitimate businesses. It causes fear in people who are actually wanting to conduct real business. I will thank officers left and right if they can prevent me from having to deal with this kind of crap.

    I do want to take a moment and thank you for your view on Wave 3 about them wrongly dragging officers thru the mud. Besides Ed Springston, I know of no other media person who would actually stand up for these officers against the biased media. As someone who is very closely related to an officer who had an extremely ugly media spin done on him, I want to just say thank you again.

    I don’t always agree with you but I like your no nonsense, take no prisoners approach to reporting on things and that is why I read your blogs.

  12. They should take their protest to the AG’s office if they really want to get something done about illegal foreclosures.
    I’ll chip in for gas money if they decide to take their protests to the AG’s doorstep.

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