Charter Schools Folks Team Up With Bigoted Crew

Pro-tip to the charter schools folks: Having these Metro Council people write a letter in support of your group of religious extremists and teabaggers is not exactly a positive thing.

These folks:

Jon Ackerson, Stuart Benson, Cheri Bryant-Hamilton, Kelly Downard, Robin Engel, Ken Fleming, Bob Henderson, Dan Johnson, Kevin Kramer, Jerry Miller, Barbara Shanklin & Glen Stuckel

Wrote this letter:


Eyes rolling yet?

Really. Here’s an excerpt from the Kids First Kentucky press release promoting Stephenson:

BAEO Kentucky Coordinator Pastor Jerry Stephenson stated, “As awareness of public charter schools grow so too does support, and as this petition indicates we’re experiencing an all time high in support for public charters.” Pastor Stephenson continued, “Now is the time for our elected officials to act, not on behalf of the teachers unions, but on behalf of the children. It’s time Kentucky finally put kids first.”

Charter schools still aren’t going to happen in Kentucky. Not until these folks learn to work on both sides of the aisle and abandon the Bluegrass “Institute” and anti-gay hatemonger Jerry Stephenson.

It’s enough to gag a maggot.

1 thought on “Charter Schools Folks Team Up With Bigoted Crew

  1. 41 states that have charter schools are WRONG, and Kentucky is RIGHT not to have them!!!!!!!!!!

    You mean to say that Kentucky is RIGHT about something involving EDUCATION?

    WoW!!! What a revelation!!!!!!!!!!!

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