Anti-Bridges Folks Are Gonna Get Angry Again

The Holiday World folks formed a new company to negotiate the lease of the Kentucky Kingdom property with the state. Meanwhile, the state still owes Ed Hart millions of dollars. They’re screwing Ed, if you’re unaware, because he’s in business with Bruce Lunsford and won’t bend over or kiss their behinds. [C-J/AKN]

Oldham County is quickly proving that it’s one of the most corrupt counties in Kentucky. The Judge-Executive is just making it worse. [FOX41]

Ruth Ann Palumbo and the bullshiz brigade are on a mission to spin like crazy over her multiple types of voter fraud. It’s okay, though, because she’s a Democrat. [We Get Comments]

Surely no one believed the Drumanard property wouldn’t remain an historic site. The Ohio River Bridges Debacle couldn’t allow the property to be accurately classified. [WAVE3]

Wonder if Business First will ever mention the Beshear-Fischer folks trying to screw Ed Hart? Not likely. [Business First]

You can’t even be in your home without getting shot to death in Louisville these days. [WHAS11]

In about five seconds, a zillion uptight white people are going to attack Phillip Bailey for daring to write a story about the racist activity of some bar owner. Because that’s what uptight white people do when they can’t understand that their actions can be racist even if they are not. [WFPL]

Here’s proof that bad agency directors can easily be fired. It happens all the time in other cities and counties. But Greg Fischer can’t be bothered to do the right thing with any of his corrupt fools. [WLKY]

This is what passes for acceptable in Kentucky. Sylvia Lovely, who ran the Kentucky League of Cities into the ground and bilked taxpayers out of millions, is now allowed to lobby the legislature on behalf of a pain clinic. [Page One]

With more and more Louisville restaurants offering meatless options, there’s no reason for you not to try having a meal without dead animal. It’s not all gross bell peppers and bland mushrooms. [Consuming Louisville]

You can bet someone just like Janie Miller will take her place at the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. [H-L]

5 thoughts on “Anti-Bridges Folks Are Gonna Get Angry Again

  1. Well, maybe Sylvia Lovely & Associates will hire Janie as Director of Obstruction, Secrecy and CYA. Or Sylvia can hire her to be a lobbyist tracking down Frankfort gubmint critters. Just keep her away from children and the elderly. And yes, sadly, Janie will be replaced by some bureaucratic clone. The Cabinet really, really needs constructive leadership.

  2. It is misleading to use last night’s shooting to imply Louisvillians are unsafe “in your home” since the murder victim did NOT reside in the house in which she was shot.

    In my limited experience I find it odd that white bar owners would discriminate on the basis of race, since the ONLY black gays I have ever knowingly met were in committed relationships with white gays.

  3. Um…. we constantly crack jokes about crimes that occur in Louisville and Kentucky (mostly on Page One) in an attempt to point out the absurdity of media blowing things out of proportion.

  4. Glad to see Holiday World moving forward. Never understood why the water park side of the park has not opened. Can anyone shed some light on that one?

  5. The Fair Board owns most of the property upon which the park resides. They charge an exorbitant amount of rent to who ever is running the park. Enough that Kentucky Kingdom was never profitable. Nobody can open the water park with out paying through the nose to the Fair Board.

    The other sticking point is that the park does not receive any money for parking. All the money collected for parking goes to the Fair Board. The double whammy of no parking money and high rent means that running the park is a fools endeavor.

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