Fischer Giving More Money To Cordish Failures

There’s a movement under way to oust Harold Workman from the Kentucky State Fair Board. It needs to happen. This is the first sign that the board has life in it in a long time. Unfortunately, it may be too little, too late. The state owes Ed Hart tons of money while workman rakes in hundreds of thousands per year. [C-J/AKN]

Steve Conrad is setting high goals for LMPD. How will he play out? [WFPL]

Yesterday we detailed a long-held effort in Frankfort to cover up and protect cockfighting and other animal abuse outrages. There’s even a video production company operated by a state employee – who has, at least in the past, used state resources to promote cockfighting. [Page One]

Louisville-area media have been freaking out over the possibility of a new Amazon distribution facility being built in Jeffersonville, Indiana. There’s still no confirmation. [FOX41]

The Kentucky Waterways Alliance will host the Wild and Scenic Film Festival on Tour in Louisville on Saturday, March 3 from 8:30 to 11:00 P.M. at the Clifton Center. [KWA]

Yes, that’s the sound of Greg Fischer trying to give Cordish Cos another $850,000 (!!!) to lure a new tenant. Nearly a million bucks to lure a tenant! To those folks! [Dan Klepal]

Really? Gonna be pissed that Steve Conrad was hired just because he wasn’t black? Maybe these individuals should be more pissed that he received the endorsement of Robert White, someone who did, you know, next to nothing. If anything, Sanders should have gotten the top spot. [WAVE3]

What does it say about your city when another movie theater is necessary – and this time inside a mall? [Business First]

More than 70 frustrated southwest Jefferson County residents gathered Monday speaking out against coal ash from LG&E. [WHAS11]

Here’s what David James had to say about the hiring of a new police chief: “Recognizing that public safety is the number one responsibility of Metro Government, I’m very excited to work with our new Chief, Steve Conrad. I encourage him to establish strong ties in our community with neighborhood leaders and to focus on community oriented policing to further decrease crime and increase public involvement.” [Press Release]

The TSA set up its first full-body scanner at Louisville International Airport and it doesn’t look like anyone is foaming at the mouth about it. Somebody call Rand Paul. [WLKY]

Surely everyone is watching the gambling bill drown in Frankfort today. Again. For the millionth year in a row. [84WHAS]

20 thoughts on “Fischer Giving More Money To Cordish Failures

  1. You have got to be kidding me!….David Tandy supports giving Cordish another $850 LARGE!….Why dosen’t everyone in his district stand up and go “Tar and Feather” that A-Hole…How’d you like to be a businessman in that district and have to deal with that!.,,,,Isn’t Cordish the same company that for the past years has been putting out stories about how GREAT 4th Street has been performing, and lying and saying it’s doing RECORD crowds and business all thru the past three pluss years ….. and then closes 50% of the places citing that they haven’t paid rent for 2 & 1/2 years!!!….NOW they need More Money !….Well, who the Hell doesn’t!….

  2. If Metro is providing incentive monies, wouldn’t they be bettered used to recruit a business that actually made something, offered people careers, and/or paid middle income salaries that they low pay/no benefit service jobs?

  3. Before another dime’s given to Cordish, the city council or the Commonwealths’ Attorney needs to conduct an investigation, WITH SWORN TESTIMONY, about the whole mess that exists at 4th Street Live, including a ‘day in the dock’ for Messrs. Arms’weak’, Happy Pants and Traughber (wherever he’s slithered off to). What about all the plans for the Water Co.Block? What about all the plans for Lou. Gardens?

    When the ‘hearing’ is conducted, somebody better get Waste Management a contract to rake out all the horse manure at the conclusion of the testimony each day. It’ll be a large pile.

  4. I’ve got a plan! I’m gonna change my last name to Cordish, get the Metro government to buy a old house, sell it to me for a buck then loan me the money to rehab it. I’ll get somebody to rent it, trash it, I’ll evict them, get the Council to give me more money to rehab it again then I’ll move in. I’ll have the house on the Council’s dime! Perfect! Oh wait, King Jerry moved to Frankfort, I’ll need to smooze Fischer now…

  5. Every time my family and I travel we will opt out of the full-body scanner. I don’t want my (or our 7-year-old son’s) privates radiated by a machine nobody in TSA seems to know exactly how much radiation it emits.

  6. Re Cordish (& some other issues): Isn’t “insanity” defined as doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting different results?

  7. Here’s the best part!….The 100 new Jobs that those lying sacks of Shit are talking about ?…..aren’t “NEW” jobs at all, the rumor is they are just attempting to steal an existing tenant from a LOCAL businessman , landlord….It’s all just a huge scam to try and grab some more free money and fuck another local guy!….There is absolutely No reason why Cordish should be given any more $$$$ and if they are ,a group of Local Business Men ,SHOULD plan on filing a Taxpayers LAWSUIT.
    It’s discriminatory to any and all long term business citizens who have been committed to downtown.
    The Cordish Co…? I mean do we have total Retards for Councilmen?….The District Councilman David Tandy who is supporting the giving $850k to Cordish is the same Idiot who went to Baltimore and signed a NDA/Confidentially that allowed them to not disclose the use of the $5o plus Million the have already been given and burnt up over the past 6 -7 years, He, Jerry, Traughber should be investigated , purged, given Lie detector exams, and handcuffed around a lamp post in the middle of 4th street with their pants down!
    If Cordish needs money to attract a tenant, tell them to spend their OWN!….after all they had $25million to post up fir that Pari-mutual & gambling license up in Maryland!!!…..Think they are greasing up Beshear thru Jerry for that!
    Anybody know what job Jerry has arrainged for Traughber?
    Anybody know what the money allocated to Cordish for the design of the City Center has been spent on?…that was about $3.5 million that was given them at the time the southwest corner was bought for $16million and given to Cordisn!….That was Three years ago ….What happened to THAT money!
    Mo Money Mo Money Mo Money……Who has the BALLS!….to ask the hard Ouestions!,,,and get the answers that the taxpayers deserve, especially the Local business operators that have been Fucked !.
    Lets see if the President of the Councilmen, Jim King has any balls to do what is the right thing , get the REAL Answers and expose the ongoing corruption that has prevailed for so long.
    Ouit the Madness!….Fire and Remove the Crooks that are allowing this kind of shit that is ruining the business environment in this city.

  8. Fischer, et al, do not know how to do anything on their own. They can only follow “Uncle Jerry’s” path and are doing it badly. Grow a set, Metro Council before we end up being “Cordishville”!!

  9. Revolt! is in Order!….Time to get every ones ass in Gear , Go down to the Metro Council Chambers and let them know we’ve had Enough!….Time to get rid of all the Hacks that allow this bullshit to happen!

  10. So, let’s do a return on investment calculation.

    $850,000 / 100 jobs = $8,500 per job

    Assuming all employed are residents of Metro, the Occupational tax rate is 2.2%

    So, for the city to raise $8,500, it would need $386,363.64 in wages PER EMPLOYEE to just break even ($8500/0.022)

    If broken out over 10 years, all 100 people would need to make at least $18.58 per hour or the equivalent (and the company stay for 10 years in the space) before the city sees any return whatsoever….

  11. Those jobs already exist. They’re just down the street from 4th St. Live at The Learning House.

    So it was $850,000 to move an already existing business.

  12. The City Council should get to the bottom of this and ascertain HOW this near boondoggle was initiated. There’s a loose cannon or group of cannons somewhere and he/she /they need to be located and dealt with. That’s the way you’re supposed to run/operate a business and our government.

  13. You’ll note that David Tandy was okay with the deal (WTF) until he found out (he didn’t bother examining things before supporting them) it involved an existing local business.

  14. Jake: Yes, Tandy needs to quit playing pat-a-cake with his politics and start taking a hard-nosed leadership role. He has the ability and education to warrant this, but it hasn’t been displayed. His performance in Baltimore at the Cordish Affair was ‘mind-bogglingly’ inadequate.

  15. Tandy’s performance in Baltimore Inadequate?….It was downright Dishonest!,Underhanded, he conspired with Jerry & Cordish to hide and bury the truth!

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