Why Do People Ruin Perfectly Good Alcohol???

That sound? Why, that’s the sound of butt holes puckering over at the Metro Sewer District. Literally. [WFPL]

Jefferson County Public Schools plan to start classes later in the 2012-2013 school year. [Toni Konz]

GE is hiring 5,000 U.S. veterans and investing like woah in its plants. So it seems the company isn’t just playing for keeps in Louisville – it’s doing it everywhere. [Reuters]

Medicaid managed care companies are now defending their efforts in Kentucky. Looks like it’s once again the legislature versus the Beshear Administration. [John Cheves]

When Muhammad Ali beat English boxer Henry Cooper in 1963, is it true that his trainer Angelo Dundee cheated to help him win? [BBC]

That’s right, Cordish Cos. failed Louisville yet again. You can thank Jerry Abramson and Greg Fischer. [FOX41]

Louisville union leaders are threatening to pull support for the Fund for the Arts over the Orchestra nightmare. No one in their right mind believes that Bill Londrigan has the guts to do it. [C-J/AKN]

Homelessness is a real life problem that most of Louisville wants to ignore. Its face is changing. You should pay attention. [WAVE3]

A new report shows that America’s cities are steadily becoming more integrated. But you know a lot of people want to make sure that’s not a reality – specifically people like Bob Gunnell, who are keen on making sure racially diverse neighborhoods are just pass-throughs with no sidewalks. [The Economist]

“A Star-Spangled Blast” is a way better theme than that Judy Garland mess Thunder once chose. [Thunder]

Now the Kentucky Opera’s conductor is stepping down amid the orchestra dispute. This mess is never going to go away. [Business First]

Two important things that Louisvillians already know: both of these “whisky” beverages are disgusting and are not real whisky. So, naturally, no one cares how a lawsuit between two “cinnamon whisky” makers turns out. Republicans and Democrats alike gag over that – cinnamon “whisky” – riiiight. [WHAS11]

5 thoughts on “Why Do People Ruin Perfectly Good Alcohol???

  1. If the later start date for JCPS is actually approved, it may help bump up attendance at the Ky State Fair – for families that can afford it.

  2. SOME of the homelessness could be alleviated by allowing & operating a greater number of very affordable “rooming houses” throughout the county in places convenient to jobs, transportation, & social services. A roof overhead, a warm shower in the morning, & a place to prepare a meal & safely store your “stuff” can go a long way toward restored hope & pride.

  3. As of last week, there were 9804 CHILDREN homeless in Jeffco, with many yet to be logged in–rooming houses wont help the “new” homeless families.

  4. Exactly GTown, why this city can’t find a way to house these people in some sort of temporary assistance until they can get working and back up on their feet is beyond me. But we can sure give Bud Schardein 200k as a payoff and hush money for not blowing the whistle on the entire crooked system known as the MSD. Just be quiet and don’t say anything and we will make sure your wallet and bank account is nicely padded.

    As far as homeless children go, the problem here in Jefferson County is because of the lackluster economy that has been allowed to fester here for years. This wasn’t just something that happened after 2008 and 2009 but was going on for most of the last decade as people lost formerly good paying jobs and careers and ended up in dire straits. One has to question what kind of lazy and inept leadership this city has had for a generation. I don’t even call it leadership, its more about nepotism and corruption under the color of authority. The Jerry Abramson regime and now Greg Fischer regime has forgotten about the average person in Louisville and feeds them table scraps in order to get their vote or believe that they have a stake in the local community. Just like what I’ve seen with the Dixie Hwy corridor declining over the years that these people have a shortsighted view and much of it is because of their corruption. That’s why nothing ever gets done in the community in certain areas. I don’t despise people for being successful and making a good living as many do but it seems as if a good section of the city has been forgotten and left to its own demise. I recalled years ago that Jerry Abramson used to refer to some of the Council and prior to that Aldermen as being his little rubber stamps. The Meltons of South Louisville were among those as were other aldermen too numerous to name. Does that explain the Brookings reports about Louisville being behind our sister cities in educational achievement, incomes, opportunities, and other facts. To me it does because when you have a far reaching system of patronage and nepotism this is what you get. Just my two cents.

  5. I “used” to think of NEPOTISM when I considered many of the Louisville hierarchy. But since the last of Jerry’s regime – and now in Greg’s fiefdom – it’s more like INCEST. Disgusting musical-chairs incest.

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