Your Newspaper Published More LMAS Spin

A couple days ago, this letter to the editor appeared in A Kentucky Newspaper:

Animal Services

After years of negative stories about Metro Animal Services, and much skepticism regarding the hiring of the new director, Justin Scally, I feel compelled to share some good news.

I am a longtime vollunteer for MAS and other animal welfare groups, and a recent visit to both Animal House and the Manslick facility give me hope that things are getting better for the homeless pets in our community. The animals at MAS appear to be healthier and the kennels cleaner than I have ever seen them. The staff not only seems to genuinely care about the animals, but is working together as a team to make the best of a less-than-favorable environment.

Now, if our officials can see fit to fund the agency as needed, and pass and enforce mandatory spay/neuter legislation, we might actually see a big decline in the number of unwanted pets and unnecessary euthanasia of our companion animals.

Karla Haas
Louisville 40205

What the letter writer doesn’t tell you is that she owns Rudy Green’s. She holds a publicity stunt once a year (really, just one day per year – like on December 22, 2011) in donating food to Louisville Metro Animal Services.

From a release promoting the most recent event (Brosko’s punctuation, not ours):

LOUISVILLE (December 21, 2011) Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS) dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters are about to get a meal fit for a king! On Thursday, December 22, Rudy Green’s annual holiday offering, the Holiday Boof-fet, is coming to both Metro Animal Services locations. Turkey, sweet potatoes, green beans, pumpkin and cranberry will be served up to some amazing animals. Don’t worry, it’s not table scraps, but human-grade food made especially for four-legged friends. Rudy Green’s Doggie Cuisine is a human-grade product made from 100% real meat and veggies and contains no “meat meal,” by-products, dyes, preservatives or fillers. The food is also made without seasonings or spices which may be harmful to a dog’s digestive system or health.

“Human’s can eat it, too, but they might want to add salt and pepper,” says Karla Haas, President of Rudy Green Inc., the maker of Rudy Green’s Doggie Cuisine.

The meal will be served at Animal House Adoption Center (3516 Newburg Road) at 11 a.m. and at the Manslick Facility (3705 Manslick Road) at 3 p.m. Media is welcome at either site.

“This is a real treat for our animals,” said Louisville Metro Animal Services Director Justin Scally. “Rudy Green’s is providing a great service by donating a percentage of their profits as well as the holiday meal to local Animal Shelters.”

She also doesn’t tell you that she has never been a volunteer at LMAS. She visits the shelter on Thanksgiving and Christmas when staff know she’s supposed to be there promoting her products. According to current and former LMAS staff, she doesn’t serve cat food and hasn’t recently visited the cat room.

Dishonest spin. The Manslick Road facility is as nasty as it has ever been and regular readers know Miss Haas didn’t base her letter in reality.

Unfortunately for Greg-Sadiqa-Spinsters, former LMAS staffers are keen on setting the record straight. And several Metro Council members have finally decided to wake up. 2012 will be interesting.

6 thoughts on “Your Newspaper Published More LMAS Spin

  1. Aside from the glaringly obvious, the important question here is: Did Carla *really* misspell “volluneteer” in her letter, AND did it *really* get printed that way?

  2. I do not know this person but do volunteer and foster for LMAS.. I do agree with her letter in that the facility has improved significantly in the past few months and I do see a different philosophy being instilled there.. I know not many here would agree with my observations but I wanted to put them out there anyway… And i have no ulterior motive as you say she does.I just say as I see them

  3. Can you prove that you’re a volunteer and that you’ve spent tons of time there prior to Scally? Because based on your comment history and thing anti-no kill things you’ve said, I’m betting you’re completely full of it.

  4. casey is a Fischy hack. LMAS is NOT better and wont ever be better. Fischer is the nail in Louisville’s coffin. No Metro Council critter or any other local leader has the spine to speak out. NKL and VilleVoice have stepped up. King is chicken shit and the rest of D’s are worthless out-of-touch butt worts.

  5. Ive met her in person. All Karla had to say about lmas was totally negative. She told me she used to volunteer many years ago and pulled a dog off the ET table.

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