You Ready For Greg’s State Of The City Address?

The Kentucky Retirement Systems and Greg Fischer’s very own Tommy Elliott have some serious problems on their hands. Check out this massive CYA acid trip. [Page One]

Greg Fischer will announce just how large the city’s deficit is today. Massive cuts will take place. Meanwhile, he’s still hiring friends at $100,000 a pop and doling out cash left and right. [C-J/AKN]

Why should you buy Girl Scout Cookies this year? Because a bunch of psychjobs are freaking out that Girl Scouts of America don’t discriminate against transgendered kids. [Click the Clicky for Some Crazy]

Today’s memorial service will feature Republican Ben Chandler and Lexington Mayor Jim Gray. Should be a really nice service. [H-L]

Honestly asking: Was Greg Fischer’s day trip to Detroit truly “productive” or was he just there to keep up appearances? [FOX41]

Don’t forget that Greg Fischer will give his State of the City address today at noon. He plans to focus on all of his “accomplishments” of his first year in office. If you’re at the Downtown Rotary today, be sure to ask him about the mountains of failures that he will certainly ignore. And maybe ask him about that crazy interview he gave on the radio last week. [Deep Mayoral Thoughts]

You still don’t believe the Ohio River Bridges Debacle is a debacle? David Williams is now knocking the division of the two-bridge project. Guess he, like all of Louisville, knows that the only thing that will ever get built is whatever Indiana is solely responsible for. [C-J/AKN]

Your life sucks, the economy sucks, your husband probably has a boyfriend on the side. So you should probably go see American Psycho this Friday night to take your mind off of it. [Consuming Louisville]

Here’s more on the TARC press conference we told you about yesterday. $1 million from the feds to continue service on popular routes. [WFPL]

Go listen to the audio and read the transcripts of Cecil New’s confession. It’ll make your skin crawl. [WAVE3]

GE Appliances is partnering with an energy company in Georgia to test smart appliances. Could be good news for the Louisville plant. [Business First]

Go watch this story about the charter schools discussion getting heated yesterday. And don’t worry, it’s not happening in Kentucky this year. [WHAS11]

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  1. Greg must not like his new Sustainability Director friend too much, he is only paying her $78,000! ….and yes, she was a contributor.

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