Why Someone Else Should Bring Up UofL Cuts…

Read this story about pending University of Louisville hiring freezes and budget cuts:

U of L Enacts Hiring Freeze, Anticipates Budget Cuts

The University of Louisville has implemented a hiring freeze in anticipation of statewide cuts to education.

University Provost Shirley Willihnganz sent a letter to faculty this week saying U of L is planning for a five to seven percent cut in Gov. Steve Beshear’s upcoming budget.

“While our achievements have continues to be impressive, this is much more die to your hard work and , frankly, to smart and creative management by the chairs, directors, deans, vice presidents and the president than to any sustained support from the state,” she wrote.

Then scroll to page 25 of this 990 (Warning: Huge PDF File) for the University of Louisville Research Foundation.

You’ll quickly understand why anything Shirley Willihnganz says is taken seriously by no one. Not even because she’s been a wet blanket for all the UofL scandals (not just Felner) over the past few years.

She made at least $962,065. Of course, the paper only shows that she makes $367K in an apparent attempt to hide foundation kickers.

And that’s why concerns fall on deaf ears.

6 thoughts on “Why Someone Else Should Bring Up UofL Cuts…

  1. “Shedding No Tears for Shirl”

    It is amazing that Shirl W. makes anywhere near the salary sum quoted in that she is widely known across campus as a nada provost (as in “do nothing” substantive). Her presence could be easily substituted for by a cheap mannequin. As for her extremely overblown remark about UofL achievements and her negativity toward KY’s state backing: Shirl, you, JR, and many of the other honchos have grossly under-performed given the huge amount of money you receive (especially by way of one of the largest, most mysterious, foundations of any public university in the nation).

  2. The “nada” provost is about like the “nada” JB Speed School of Engineering where guys and gals sit around talking about everything but substantive work or getting nice salaries to enjoy the university coffee pot. But they’re small fries compared to the actions of Shirley Willinghanz. However, why is it that U of L is again on the 2012 list ranked 164th among public universities and below a lot of smaller state universities in other parts of the country. There were some quite glaring differences when you consider U of L being one of the largest universities in terms of financial backing but even the one in Lexington was ahead of U of L in ranking.

  3. “Right On, Bill!”

    You are correcto. It is shameful that UofL, with the big money it has (again, particularly in terms of Foundation funds–one of the most bountiful in America) is ranked so low. The citizens of KY are not getting their money’s worth, yet the Card honchos continue to beg and pout for even more dough. But what do they do with it? Down the cesspool with scandal after scandal, huge administrative salaries, no Phi Beta Kappa chapter as a mark of academic excellence (one of the oldest and largest campuses not to have one), and a bad reputation as being more like an athletic club. Hold on to your wallets, Kentuckians!

  4. Take Heart

    It’s an established fact that U of L has gone months and months without overseeing finances long before the newest hiring freeze took effect.

    Someone, somewhere is protesting too much.

  5. Shirley Willinghanztzatz: Where the hell did she come from? $900k+ is unfathomable. What in the world could she be doing to earn that much money in the 164th ranked university in America?

    As ole Abe once said “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time” [but you might as well try].

  6. Hiring freeze? Budget cuts? Don’t forget to increase tuition for the little people! Didn’t the president just get a 25 percent increase plus other huge promises for his already hefty retirement fund? Just another example of the honcho games. And Jimbo wants another group audited while he turns his head as U of L funds disappear on that campus regularly — they carry it off or throw it out the window in waste. Those who report it are removed from their post and the guilty are protected. He needs to look in his own back yard and stop covering it up. We are wading in horse crap down here and tired of shoveling. If anyone needs an audit it’s U of L – check into those incoming gifts, theft, and waste. Internal probes are nothing but a front and a waste. Ask a thief if they steal and they say no – here at U of L that’s what happens and it goes no further. Ramsey has some nerve suggesting another group be audited.

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