We Told You They Literally Write Themselves

Here’s the latest from Greg Fischer:

Be sure to ask him all of these questions and more.

UPDATE: Here are the highlights from his appearance…

  • Fischer said Louisville doesn’t have a gang problem
  • Doesn’t know how many homicides occurred in 2011 – couldn’t even ballpark it
  • Says Occupy Louisville is a public safety issue, shouldn’t be allowed to protest overnight
  • Founders Square isn’t a park, according to the Attorney General and Fischer says Public Works controls it – but he still wants to apply Parks rules
  • He said heaters at Founder Square could catch on fire at night and that’s a public safety issue. (They can’t catch on fire during the day?)
  • Mentioned pension problems on the state level as Louisville’s main budget problem – didn’t mention that his guy, Tommy Elliott, bought a spot on the Kentucky Retirement Systems board
  • Says nixing Metro Council discretionary funds is on the table when it comes to tackling the city’s deficit – said he’ll ask the council members to “think about it”
  • Cracked a joke about a caller complaining about LMAS problems, said she should run a fundraising campaign to save it
  • Said LMAS is making “good progress” on euthanasia rates
  • Claimed cities that have gone no-kill have been at it for a decade. Unfortunately, Austin, TX did it in two years. Northern Kentucky did it in FIVE MONTHS.
  • Said he’ll keep his campaign account open to recoup his personal funds, cracked a joke about people giving him advice
  • Says the media didn’t factually report, you know, the FACTS about an Insight lobbyist contributing to his campaign DURING city negotiations, says there’s no issue at all
  • Insinuated Ed Hart and Bruce Lunsford lied about their campaign contributions being misappropriated. Said he gave Ed & Bruce the choice to contribute to the campaign or the inauguration – a lie – Hart released the emails to the media. Insinuated that Ed & Bruce are lying. Said questions about it are silly.
  • Said Tommy Elliott wasn’t involved in the appointment process. Despite, uh, already admitting otherwise.
  • Said perception is an issue when it comes to campaign finance, doesn’t like it, need to have a firewall between campaigns and administrations. So we’re not sure why his official mayoral spokesperson is issuing statements on behalf of his campaign regarding campaign finance matters.
  • Says some Metro overtime is abuse, considering cutting overtime
  • Said he did a lot of good things and created jobs. Said he received recognition from Bloomberg and Brookings for doing so.

Another highlight:

Note: You can catch the replay of this WFPL interview on MetroTV at 10:30 P.M. Saturday or Noon on Sunday.

8 thoughts on “We Told You They Literally Write Themselves

  1. Either Greg is truly that stupid that he thinks that WFPL is on 91.3 or he is trying to throw off as many people as possible that way they think he is on another station and miss the interview. Either way, it just shows how clueless and colossally ignorant he truly is

  2. For the two minutes I listened, he referred to a callers question as “silly.” It was cringeworthy. Even if he thought it was stupid, shouldn’t he have been PC enough to just answer it to the best of his ability? He sounded very arrogant and detached to me, like he was forced to do the interview and was pissed off because he was there. Creepy.

  3. Does anyone brief this poor guy before he does these kind of interviews. Is he just a talking head? Yes, Mr. Mayor go talk to the intelligence division of the Louisville Metro Police they will show you exactly how many and where the turfs are. He might also want to talk to the Metro Corrections Chief, when a inmate is processed thru booking different codes are inputed so that the guards know which inmates to keep away from one another. Louisville also has the majority of all the half way houses for inmates coming from prison, He might want to check with them to see how many of those inmates stay in Louisville. Lastly, he could contact the State department of correction to find out the number of gangs in what prisons and from geographical areas they came from. I know what I am talking about the last time I checked I was told by intel we had 118 gangs but that was before the huge hispanic population. Public safety is a huge issue in our community and he has to know when asked how may homicides occurred this year and last. the police should have that grafted out for you.
    He must have either a sick sense of humor or doesn’t fully realize how bad things are at lmas. I believe jake and his observations on this agency.Would jake be willing to set up ameeting to go meet with citizens to take a random drop in look on what is going on out there. I don’t have alot of time to give but I can find some people wjho are so passionate about getting it fixed. Aonce again, we are better than this.

  4. I make random drop-ins all the time. As do several staffers and readers. NKL folks drop in all the time. Even Metro Council staffers.

    Though, they’d have a literal meltdown if I showed up with 40-50 people, cameras and such.

  5. Nex time you go I will go with you maybe we need to show up with 40 or 50 and cameras You have trying for months and months toeducation the community on this issue but this is one I think I need to actually see in order to comphrend the gravity of it. Louisville has alot of dog clubs (lool in the gold book) lets invite them The veternarian’s also have a lobbyist maybe he would be willing to take a look and possibly work on the upcoming legislation to make it better.

  6. @Karen By “silly” he was referring to my point that he was pushing Insight harder, before the contributions from them came in.
    On Nov. 17 he sent them notice of termination of their contract.

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