That Tasty Town Contest? Most Import Thing Ever

Why groups like the ASPCA and Humane Society take what they can and give nothing in return. [Nathan Winograd]

Jim Mims, after a serious public shaming (Greg Fischer, too), had a change of heart on Occupy Louisville. But they forgot to notify the Occupy folks. [WFPL]

Hurry and put up that pay wall, Gannett, so your first quarter earnings can fall another 33%. Hurry up! [C-J/AKN]

Steve Bittenbender filed to run for the 37th District State Senate seat. That’s the seat Democratic embarrassment Perry Clark currently holds. Will it float? [SoS]

Sorry, John David Dyche, regardless of what Jim King puts out in his front, he does not have a great working relationship with Greg Fischer. In fact, he doesn’t even have a good working relationship with his former staffers, campaign staffers or most of the people who advised him until recently. [C-J/AKN]

This New Albany cop who spewed racist rhetoric now says his comments weren’t racist and is appealing his suspension. [FOX41]

A judge in Frankfort will today decide on the filing deadline in the redistricting mess. [H-L]

Will Louisville win that tastiest town thing in Southern Living? Probably not and all kinds of people will freak out about it because it’s obviously the end of the world. Greg Fischer will even issue a release about it and talk about it on Twitter and Facebook. [WAVE3]

Nashville is working to attract international tourists. Louisville doesn’t even work to attract tourists in its own state. [Business First]

Robert White’s son was arrested again and everyone is losing their mind over it. Apparently, it’s even more important than that tasty town contest. [WHAS11]

This is the wet dream of Steve Beshear and Greg Fischer. The absolute tops for them. You know they’re aching to pull this stunt. [Mother Jones]

Wait, would you rather people be so drug/high that they fall asleep at a restaurant or while driving away from the restaurant, like Greg Fischer’s official parks guy could have done? [WLKY]

2 thoughts on “That Tasty Town Contest? Most Import Thing Ever

  1. Dear Mayor Fisher,

    My camper uses a 30 amp service. A downtown campground would be good for tourism. I’ll pull it down next week. Please make sure the service is installed.

  2. Why is it that people want to bust the balls of the working stiffs that do the scutt work for this city? A big part of the reason that overtime pay is so high is that the city keeps cutting employees as a cost saving measure. Despite the economic downturn the work load for city agencies has not declined. Trash still has to be picked up, Parks still have to be mowed and Potholes still have to be filled. If you have five guys doing the work that ten used to do you are going to have to work them extra hrs. It is just that simple.

    As for sick time and vacation time counting as time worked, that is a concession made to the unions so that the city can get guys to come in and drive a truck all damn night when the white death falls from the sky. It also means that if a guy drives a salt truck all night he can go home and get some rest with out losing his overtime pay. I would wager that the actual amount of time that people are drawing overtime pay when they had days off is pretty miniscule, especially in circumstances when people are not driving snow trucks.

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