People Are Freaking Out Over Sex In A Book

Kentucky should expect more from Frankfort. Obviously. But the editorial board can’t act like it doesn’t carry some of the blame because it’s partially responsible for those folks getting elected. [C-J/AKN]

Frankfort has turned into a literal cesspool. Now everyone is peeing all over everybody else when it comes to Congressional redistricting. [H-L]

Steve Beshear was apparently one of the worst persons in the world on Friday. Not for bungling gambling for four years straight but for the Ark Park. [Page One]

Black and Latino students are performing at levels of 30 years ago. Is anyone paying attention to this? [HuffPo]

Is MSD really making big changes after that scathing state audit from Crit Luallen? [FOX41]

Work on the Sherman Minton is expected to be completed before the March 2 deadline. [Business First]

Jefferson County Public Schools needs consistent curriculum policies and the audit identified several areas for improvement. [WAVE3]

Work on a pedestrian bridge connecting elevated plazas downtown is moving forward. [Broken Sidewalk]

Okay, let’s get serious: There’s an accident involving a JCPS bus nearly every day, right? Come on, people, stop hitting school buses! [WHAS11]

Here’s more on those ten recommendations put forth by the Jefferson County Public Schools curriculum audit. [WFPL]

You’ll roll your eyes really hard at this story. Anyone who believes their 14-year-old hasn’t heard of blowjobs? Uh, yeah, maybe they have bigger problems than a piece of literature to worry about. [WLKY]

People are still freaking out about Rand Paul’s Nashville airport incident yesterday. [84WHAS]

5 thoughts on “People Are Freaking Out Over Sex In A Book

  1. Why is it fine and dandy for kids to be exposed to a mind numbing number depictions of murder, torture, decapitations and other assorted horrific violence, but a book with sex in it is what makes people indignantly head for the fainting couch?

  2. I can tell you that a book like that will get more read and understood than The Odyssey, which my son (freshman) had to read as the first book of the year. Talk about a turn off to reading. Yes, I know it is supposed to be a literary classic. Big deal. My other son, who is a senior now, read The Hunger Games in his junior class. Now THAT is what will grab a young person’s attention (and I loved it, can’t wait for the movie). And this son has always absolutely hated to read, but he could not put that book down and finished it in less than three days and now reads more than ever. I say kudos to whomever selected that book.

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