Actors Theater Is Why Louisville Has Nice Things

This A Kentucky Newspaper story about Greg Fischer turning to Facebook to ask questions about the budget is interesting. Doesn’t mention that he deleted nearly every comment perceived as negative – even when true and honest. [C-J/AKN]

What was that, again, about the Legislative Ethics Commission not being under the direct control of the good old boys in Frankfort? [John Cheves]

Bob Gunnell needs to focus on paying back the $400,000 or whatever he stiffed the IRS for. Maybe focus on his bankruptcy and walking out on Peritus – which is fighting to get what it’s owed from him, apparently – before he tries to keep it up with this bit of killing sidewalks on Brownsboro Road. And opponents declined to go to the forum last week not because the project is moving forward but because Bob got his ass handed to him and he has egg all over his face. [FOX41]

Oh, look, it’s Claudia Coffey doing a story about the Brownsboro Road sidewalk. Wouldn’t it be a good idea for her to disclose the fact that she knows Bob Gunnell personally when doing a slanted story like this? [WHAS11]

Will Jeffersonville ever stop flushing all of its poop into the Ohio River? [WFPL]

Lonnie Napier can’t read or use the Google so there’s no way for him to realize that welfare drug testing doesn’t work. What does work, though, is testing legislators for drug use. Someone needs to file that as an amendment ASAP. [WKYT]

Have you seen how much money taxpayers pony up for silly “studies” every year? Millions upon millions. [Page One]

You can’t even go to St. Matthews without cold getting robbed. Better pack your pepper spray, meemaw. [WAVE3]

Actors Theater opened some downtown apartments for visiting artists. This will be a good thing for Louisville, right? [Business First]

Here’s more on that large drug ring that was arrested in J-town last week. [WLKY]

David Whitlock is proof that Louisville doesn’t need outdated constables, right? [84WHAS]

What Was That About No One Reading, Again?

Yesterday, for the millionth time, we pointed out shenanigans at Louisville Metro Animal Services.

In that post, we also said this:

Meanwhile, Jim King does everything BUT address LMAS. He brought the Zoo up in deficit discussions because his wife (a true Louisville gem) is on the board, though. Nary a mention of cleaning up LMAS to save budget dollars.

Guess who responded?

Jim King // Jan 27, 2012 at 3:28 am


as I’ve said before, LMAS is an executive branch function. I’m President of the legislative branch. We gave the Mayor 28 ways to save money that could presumably go to LMAS needs. It made no sense for me to mention LMAS in a budget “reduction” letter. The Council recently visited the Manslick center and I spoke with Justin Scally last week about adding fencing at the Animal House to allow more than one animal at a time to be exercised outside. I don’t feel you are being fair on this subject and I don’t undersand that as you seen very logical and fair these last two years I’ve been reading you.

Of course I ripped that apart:

jake // Jan 27, 2012 at 8:16 am


The legislative branch of local government has the power to hold the head of the executive branch accountable.

You did not specifically address Louisville Metro Animal Services. It made tons of sense to mention it since the three new staffers there suck down more than $250,000 that could be used to keep that agency out of a deficit situation. Common sense could go a long way there.

You gave Justin Scally a weeks-long heads-up about your visit. We wrote about it. You already know how silly that is and I won’t berate you again. But it’s just dumb to proclaim that as making progress. It’s like telling Richie Farmer you’ll be visiting his apartment at a specific time so he’s able to clean up all the coke or hillbilly heroin from the toilet seat and shoo all the hookers away.

Not being fair? Interesting you should say that. Because the thousands of people who care about Metro Animal Services and this city’s responsibility to do something think I’m being more than fair. Your wife thinks I’m being more than fair. Jonathan Hurst thinks I’m being more than fair. Actually, all of your staff think I’m being fair. And former staff. And campaign staffers. And constituents. Many of them say I’m not being harsh enough and spend their entire days saying I’m bought and paid for by you, actually. I hear about it 24 flipping hours a day, non-stop, even on holidays, even when I’ve been in the hospital. It’s the only thing people talk to me about in this damn town. EVERYBODY seems to have an opinion and 95% of those opinions are the same (rare for Louisville).

This isn’t the most important issue metro government faces but you’re ending up with egg on your face for acting as if the five minutes you’ve spent on the matter in the five years you’ve been reading me (it was at least 4 years ago when you took the polygraph, sir) are sufficient. You know hundreds of people will make sure of it.

You’re playing pat-a-cake with this issue. So are most of your colleagues (with the exception of Kelly Downard). If you were taking it seriously, you wouldn’t tuck tail and run from the people who have been trying to work with you on it for months and months.

Reality, here, is that you’re not a blubbering tool who got elected with daddy’s money. You didn’t have that cushion and privilege. I know first-hand that you have the ability to clean this bullshit up. I personally understand and appreciate the strong desire of the entire council (get real – they all express their embarrassment of the new mayor in private) to let the mayor fall on his own face. But this issue makes our city look ridiculous. It is indicative of the lack of compassion and lack of transparency Greg Fischer has forced upon the metro area under the guise of – yep, compassion and transparency. It’s utter horse shit. Or dog and cat shit, if we’re getting technical.

You have direct access to me and thereby have direct access to every single person working on this. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty? Send someone else to do it.

I may be argumentative on every other issue for the sake of being difficult and to drive up readership. But I have proved I am right on Metro Animal Services for several years. I will own that.

Yeah. Head – desk.

P.S. We also said this:

It’s time for the Democratic Metro Councilman we’ve been hinting about to sack up and speak out on LMAS. Because no one else has the guts to try improving the place.

And it’s beyond time for that councilcritter to sack up and get to it. He knows who he is.

Are Jim & Shirley Paying Attention This Morning?

Today, President Barack Obama kicks off the third day since his State of the Union address in Ann Arbor, Michigan. There, he’s focusing on keeping college affordable and within reach of all Americans.

His key issue of the effort?

Reforming student aid to promote affordability and value: To keep tuition from spiraling too high and drive greater value, the President will propose reforms to federal campus-based aid programs to shift aid away from colleges that fail to keep net tuition down, and toward those colleges and universities that do their fair share to keep tuition affordable, provide good value, and serve needy students well. These changes in federal aid to campuses will leverage $10 billion annually to help keep tuition down.

That’s direct from a White House release. They’re going balls-to-the-wall in this push.

Here’s more:

Rewarding Schools that Keep College Affordable

The President’s proposal to reform student aid to keep tuition from spiraling too high and drive greater value will improve distribution of federal financial aid and increase campus-based aid. This reform will reward colleges that are succeeding in meeting the following principles:

  1. Setting responsible tuition policy, offering relatively lower net tuition prices and/or restraining tuition growth.
  2. Providing good value to students and families, offering quality education and training that prepares graduates to obtain employment and repay their loans.
  3. Serving low-income students, enrolling and graduating relatively higher numbers of Pell-eligible students

The campus-based aid that the federal government provides to colleges through Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG), Perkins Loans, and Work Study is distributed under an antiquated formula that rewards colleges for longevity in the program and provides no incentive to keep tuition costs low. The President is proposing to change how those funds are distributed by implementing an improved formula that shifts aid from schools with rising tuition to those acting responsibly, focused on setting responsible tuition policy, providing good value in education, and ensuring that higher numbers of low-income students complete their education. He is also proposing to increase the amount of campus-based aid to $10 billion annually. The increase is primarily driven by an expansion of loans in the federal Perkins program – which comes at no additional taxpayer cost.

Colleges that can show that they are providing students with good long-term value will be rewarded with additional dollars to help students attend. Those that show poor value, or who don’t act responsibly in setting tuition, will receive less federal campus-based aid. Students will receive the greatest government grant and loan support at colleges where they are likely to be best served, and little or no campus aid will flow to colleges that fail to meet affordability and value standards.

Do you think Jimbo and Shirley Q. are paying attention as they both pocket millions of dollars each year and continually jack tuition up through the roof?

Only time will tell but our money’s on them not giving a flip and doing everything they can get away with until reforms are enacted.

All This Mess And Louisville Still Gets The Shaft

Yesterday former Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo blasted the nasty redistricting process in Kentucky. He hit Steve Beshear, praised Kathy Stein and pointed out the shenanigans with Alice Forgy Kerr. [Page One]

Raise your head if you think Frankfort will do the right thing when it comes to halting executions. [WHAS11]

Oh snap! Looks like Robert White is having a rough go at it in the big city of Denver. Check out the shenanigans going down involving an anonymous letter. [Denver Post]

If you aren’t paying attention to the problems your first responders face in Louisville, you’re going to end up with a problem on your hands some day. There’s no reason EMS shouldn’t be treated like LMPD and Fire. All are equally important and necessary for life to function. [FOX41]

Quick, let’s pretend the Energy and Environment Cabinet cares about Earth Day! [Click the Clicky]

We used to love Dawne Gee back when she looked like a 20-something on the teevee. But now that she has turned the corner to calmness and comes across as the young meemaw (we said young!) everyone wants in their life, she’s way more entertaining. You know you love seeing her pass that cash. [WAVE3]

When Jerry Abramson says small businesses should have a large role in tax reform in Kentucky? He means gigantic businesses that employ thousands and operate outside the state. [Business First]

Remember when your attorney general said he was fighting hard against gas price corruption during his campaign? Haha, right, about that. [WLKY]

Now University of Louisville folks like Jimbo Ramsey say they welcome the indigent care fund audit. Here’s hoping Adam Edelen’s ties to everyone there won’t cloud his judgement. No, of course they won’t cloud the judgment of his hundreds of auditors but that’s just something one has to question early in a new auditor’s term. [WFPL]

Did you see Greg Fischer asking his most trusted source – Facebook – for advice on how to do the most basic parts of his job yesterday? [The ‘Ville Voice]

You have lots of storm debris? You can drop it off this weekend for $15 per truckload. [84WHAS]

Will Greg Fischer Sing & Dance For Rich Folks?

Greg Fischer and Joe Pusateri are co-hosting the annual Fund for the Arts showcase and kick-off next Tuesday.

According to an email blast from Barbara Sexton Smith, they have a “BIG announcement, great show and a surprise finale” – so you can only bet it will be super-embarrassing for Louisville.

We can’t get to the Brown Theatre on the 31st at noon. Will you be going? If so, let us know what kind of hot mess transpires.

When Will Metro Council Flipping Do Something?

In light of the LMAS flustercuck regarding fosters and the meeting that took place there an hour or so ago, we thought it’d be a good idea to highlight a couple issues.

Remember when Louisville Metro Animal Services shut down during a disease outbreak?

Remember when Justin Scally, Greg Fischer and Sadiqa Reynolds were adamant about all animals being tested?

Yeah, about that.

Turns out, according to an LMAS employee and volunteers, not all dogs and cats were tested as promised. They were merely killed.

As of this week, the Manslick location has turned away not one, not two but seven people (all asked to go there by me, admittedly) who have shown up to try make an adoption. This has been going on for weeks and weeks. They’re told the only animals up for adoption are located at Animal House on Newburg. Despite, of course, all animals being legally up for adoption unless they’re involved in a court case.

And the girl with the drug conviction? We hear she’s still causing problems when it comes to providing pain medication to animals because she cannot administer or handle narcotics. Note: If you kept an animal at your home, in severe pain and didn’t offer proper care? You’d be charged with animal cruelty and neglect.

Meanwhile, Greg Fischer and crew continue to paint a puppies and rainbows picture of LMAS.

Meanwhile, Jim King does everything BUT address LMAS. He brought the Zoo up in deficit discussions because his wife (a true Louisville gem) is on the board, though. Nary a mention of cleaning up LMAS to save budget dollars.

It’s time for the Democratic Metro Councilman we’ve been hinting about to sack up and speak out on LMAS. Because no one else has the guts to try improving the place.