Louisville Sighs With Relief That Jerry Is Gone

And just like that, Gerald Neal’s corrupt days at the Metro Sewer District have ended. Funny how that works. Woopsiedaisy! Gerald can act like he’s “frustrated” to be dragged into the sewage but we all know why he was “quietly” let go. It’s because of his work with that shady investment lady, for which he likely also pocketed mountains of cash. Crit won’t say it but you know that’s part of her concern. [C-J/AKN]

Jerry Abramson is adjusting to his new life as lieutenant governor. His new job that has absolutely no constitutional duties. So he literally does nothing all day. [WHAS11]

Just a reminder that Louisville needs sidewalks for a very important reason. Something people like Anne Northup and Jerry Abramson ignored for a long time. [Broken Sidewalk]

Expanded gambling will certainly dominate this legislative session in Frankfort. While actual issues of importance get relegated to the sidelines again. [FOX41]

The Newburg Boys & Girls Club could open as early as this month. And that’s why Louisville can have nice things. [Business First]

But it wouldn’t be Louisville if there weren’t another story about a teenager being charged in two murders. [WLKY]

We can apparently expect a few more rumblings about the Drumanard property this week. [WAVE3]

Really, you still want to pretend Terry Holliday and the rest of Steve Beshear’s crew aren’t corrupt as all hell? Don’t expect Adam Edelen to pull off a promised education audit, either. [NYT]

Here comes the reaction on a state level about the Terry Holliday-KDE financial corruption. [H-L]

What did Greg Fischer/Chris Poynter even say about the decision on the University of Louisville Hospital merger decision? [WFPL]

Frankfort rolls back to action this week with the 2012 legislative session and Greg Stumbo says no action will be taken against his corrupt friend, Keith Hall. [Page One]

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  1. Gerald Neal gave the best Freudian slip of a quote: “I don’t want anybody associating my name, rightly or wrongly, with the inappropriate use of public funds.” It’s nice to know he’s covered all his bases.

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