LMAS Owner-Surrender Problem? Not So Much

You know what’s crazy? Other than everything in Metro Government, we mean.

What’s crazy is the amount of first-hand accounts we receive from longtime volunteers, fosters, adopters, employees and donors for Louisville Metro Animal Services.

There’s been a lot of discussion about LMAS being flooded with owner-surrendered pets (Justin Scally and Greg Fischer’s beloved Sadiqa Reynolds have been pushing this talking point) and we’ve been rightfully curious.

But here’s what one individual witnessed last week at the Manslick Road location:

  • Two Dismas employees doing nothing
  • A family hoping to adopt a dog. Taken to the back, met the dog.
  • A young woman hoping to adopt a dog. She was handed a flyer for Animal House. The employee told her, “I’ve only been there once so I can’t give you directions.”
  • A man was looking for his son’s dog. It had escaped his yard the evening prior and LMAS was the last stop. He was escorted to the back by a Dismas employee and the dog was located. However, there was no record of the dog being brought in. It was wearing a collar but had no label. It wasn’t in the system. The dog was never officially located so there was officially no way to know if the animal could be released.
  • A foster for LMAS waited on a fecal test for her foster cat. She had never been contacted by staff about having the cat spayed/neutered. Another person was present – with a younger foster cat – who had already had an appointment scheduled to have their cat altered.
  • A man came in who wanted to foster a dog and no one assisted him
  • Justin Scally was present and trying to be helpful, didn’t introduce himself to anyone.
  • The facility was filthy beyond words
  • No one who arrived hoping to adopt, foster or donate got thanked

There was no indication that LMAS was inundated with anything other than a lack of concern. No one said owner-surrenders were a big problem. No one discussed it.

And you wonder why we don’t buy the owner-surrender talking point.

Meanwhile, your local paper gives the mayor and his staff a free pass.

20 thoughts on “LMAS Owner-Surrender Problem? Not So Much

  1. When I fostered two puppies with LMAS in summer ’10, I stood and waited in the lobby at Manslick for at least 15-20min before anyone ever asked what I needed. Then I’d wait even longer to get the shots needed for the puppies. I had to call LMAS to find out about getting them spayed and neutered when it was finally time for them. I paid for worming myself, because they had tape and never wormed for it. When the puppies finally got adopted, I met the adopters at PetSmart to do the paperwork, but there was no standard adoption fee, so I had no idea. The adopters luckily had filled out the adoption app at Manslick prior and were told a fee. The paperwork however was not given back to the adopters, so they had to fill out new paperwork at PetSmart. And when looking at their shot records, they never got their rabies vaccination, so the adopters had to take them back the following week to get it. By the way, I live in Southern IN (did at that time also) and was able to foster, no questions asked and never once was told about the Jefferson Co. rule. I know this was before Scally, but the disorganization hasn’t changed. On another note, I attended the MAS Open House, and Scally never once introduced himself, and when waiting to leave with a friend, I overheard staff talking about a cat that was in their computer system, but no one knew where it was or if it was adopted.

  2. My wife, daughter and I helped get the animals out during the flood several years ago. I went and brought my chainsaw to cut up the tree that had the driveway blocked. We caged dogs during the storm and put them in a tractor trailer. We were never thanked so things haven’t changed. Wasn’t looking for kudo’s but a thanks would have been nice.

  3. Mayor Fuckup is to busy posting photo to facebook about eating cake in celebration of their first year in the office. Dude and his staff are losers and the only ways things will change at LMAS is if national groups press for change. That way, Fischer, King (more like Queen), and Kelly D. can held accountable for being giant pussies. Yes, KD spoke-up on documents but thats about it. King should spend less-time stuffing is face at Cunningham’s and lunch at the shelter. $1000 says he loses his appetite in 10 seconds of arriving.

  4. Went to the Adoption Center on Newburg Road very early 2011. In the puppy room, I noticed one very emaciated puppy being attacked (literally, as in bitten, chewed, pushed down) by a much rowdier, much healthier, much larger puppy. I immediately ran up to the front desk to inform someone. The people working at the front desk could of cared less. None of the workers were doing anything. No adoptions were taking place, so I was not interrupting anyone by announcing what I’d seen. Workers were talking to each other, but none took immediate action. After my final plea, I was dragged out of there by my friend, tears streaming down my face the entire way. I couldn’t stress what I’d seen any more to those people. They were complete monsters, with no compassion towards the animal I was speaking of. I wish I could of just taken that puppy and ran. It was obvious no one cared about him there… I can only hope someone heard my pleas, that poor little puppy…

  5. I’ve fostered several dogs from LMAS, and I know that it’s the right thing to do, but I hate going there so much that I haven’t volunteered to foster in months. It’s always such a cluster – I call to be sure the dog I want to foster is there, has been worked up, and will be ready when I get there, but it doesn’t matter – it’s either not there, or hasn’t had any shots, or oops – still needs to be neutered….people are usually friendly, but no one ever seems to know what’s going on. It’s a haul for me to get over there, so that’s why I try to take the extra step of calling first. It’s frustrating, because I can’t encourage my friends to foster, because it’s such an unpleasant experience. And don’t get me started on the kennel cough – I haven’t had a foster yet that didn’t have it, and even though they give me some pills at LMAS, I always head straight to my own vet for a shot and better antibiotics to be sure the poor things will get well. I often wonder – does Greg Fischer have pets of his own? If he does, if one got lost, would he want it to spend a night at LMAS?

  6. Volunteers were the one’s that put out the SOS over the owner surrendered dogs over the weekend. They asked that people come in and foster the animals to relieve the overcrowding in the shelter. No one at LMAS sent out one single e-mail out about it to the list they have on their computers. Any soliciting of fosters has to come from other volunteers because LMAS has no interest in the foster program, other than publically saying that it is an integral part of their “lifesaving initiatives.” All show and no substance.

  7. Its not about if Fischy has pets or not.It’s about common decency and common sense. Fischy and crew talk about compassion but yet do not show it. Fischy knew of LMAS problems before being elected and lied about fixing them once in office. HE LIED. He then hired his personal “yes” boy that is clueless and doesn’t the backbone to do the right thing. He only got the job because he’s willing to say how high when Sadiqa and Fischy tell him too. Scally isn’t there to fix things. Fischy could have partnered with numerous local groups, acknowledged the issues and work together to fix them as best as possible. He didn’t. Instead he lets his staff attack those who call him out. He is coward…he is a liar and he is incapable of showing common sense, leadership and accountability. Too many animals perished because Fischy cares only of himself and to stupid and gutless to admit he is wrong and he still could make changes and doesn’t. He let Crit do the dirty work in MSD, he let the drunk at parks keep his job, done absolutely nothing about EMS. I don’t expect Fischy todo anything about LMAS. Only the local rescue groups and pet owners care. The lying and gutless mayor doesn’t care, Metro Council folks don’t care, legislative leaders care more about district lines and their re-election rather than hold hearing on animal abuse and neglect occuring with the help of tax dollars. The communities influential leaders dont care. They have yet to speak up and put their money where their mouth is. The sad reality is there won’t be change because those who need to care don’t. The funny thing is they are the ones that deserve to be at the Manslick facility. I’d rather have the dogs and cats and other critters be the ones in charge. They certainly would do a better job. Just how many medical supplies could have been purchased for the animals in place of the disgusting cake Fischy posted to facebook??? He has time to take a picture of a cake (Really? Especially at a time of year most people give up unhealthy choices and this prick posts about a fucking cake!?!?! Love the post about tastiest cities too.Like that will bring jobs, help the homeless or save animals from being put down.The guy is an idiot, a first-class moron, a coward, a liar, and self-absorbed asshole that deserves to be removed from office in the next election.

  8. Why am I not surprised to read this? And the typical vitriol at Fischer and LMAS that could be cut-and-pasted from the last 1500 times it was written. Yes, Fischer and LMAS don’t care! This is not news. How long are you going to keep complaining without organizing and taking action? Where’s the protest? Where are the people confronting Fischer and Council members everywhere they go? You get what you put up with, folks.

  9. Eileen: Tons of people take action every day.

    They fill No Kill Louisville up with so much food the organization has to find an actual warehouse to store it all.

    They get accosted on the street by LMAS employees for taking action.

    They force change.

    They hold Fischer accountable.

    They raise hell with Metro Council.

    They volunteer at LMAS and try to physically do the right thing.

    They’re not just commenting here.

  10. Jake, you know I’m not there anymore (still paying those property taxes though), so everything I know about the current situation is secondhand, which is why I have mostly though not completely shut up. Who is forcing change? Who is holding Fischer accountable (besides you, right here)? Who is raising hell with Metro Council? When, where, and how?

    I know that NKL’s 16,000+ supporters give enormous amounts of time and money to directly help the animals. But given that rescue groups and NKL and all their supporters have poured hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours into LMAS and the kill rate has not changed much, I have to come to the conclusion that those rescue groups and NKL are simply enabling LMAS (and Fischer) to do an even worse job than they used to.

    I would love to have evidence that I’m drawing the wrong conclusion. I linked to this blog entry on my Facebook page this morning, there is a lively discussion about it, and NO ONE that I’m friends with in Louisville is telling me there is any political advocacy or organizing or holding accountable of LMAS management, the mayor, or the Council. Since we’re “friends” through no-kill advocacy, I’m surprised they don’t know of such activity.

  11. Folks call Jim King and other councilcritters non-stop, they show up at their offices, at meetings, send emails, have lunches and dinners with them in attempt to urge action. Some consultants and confidants have iced council leaders out completely because they haven’t taken action. They’re slowly waking up. Much too slowly.

    Jessica Reid is forcing change on a daily basis. Jessica Durbin is doing the same. Karen Dickson is sharing everything she learned while she was an employee. That’s just three people out of hundreds.

    Not sure how No Kill Louisville is enabling LMAS.

    Accountability doesn’t occur publicly and you know it. The court of public opinion apparently isn’t going to deter these Fischer fuckers. The dog and cat show people complaining about a lack of action aren’t involved. They’re not. They just send me emails all the time complaining that nothing changes. I’ve never once seen them out and about.

    Otherwise they’d know Jim King has to tuck tail and run from people on a daily basis. They’d know that the Brown Family is about ready to chop Greg Fischer’s nuts off and have started working with outside agencies to change LMAS. They’d know several Frankfort legislators are drafting legislation to help solidify statutes that Fischer seems to ignore. They’d know that John Yarmuth has pushed Fischer. They’d know that Greg’s financial network is unraveling – in part because of his bullshit handling of LMAS. (Reference: Elliott, Tommy)

    I could go on for days.

  12. The last time I went there was several years ago when I adopted a boxer. The cages were filthy, covered in feces and urine and the poor animals were just as dirty from walking and lying in it. The entire staff was gathered in the front office literally yapping to each other or on the phone. There were MORE than enough people that could have kept those cages clean. I hate to say it, but I will not go back. I will use rescue organizations like Shamrock, Saving Sunny, No Kill Louisville, etc.

  13. Dawn, All the organizations you mention need your support and help with donations, volunteer efforts and adoptions; however, I don’t think one should elect not to help LMAS animals in care at LMAS facilities (OR ADOPT THEM) because of an experience one had several years ago or due to a current concern. (No Kill Louisville is a wonderful organization but is not a specifically a “rescue” organization.)

  14. I’m glad to hear about the advocacy.

    As for enabling, when hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours are spent and there is barely any change in the kill rate (based on the numbers you posted comparing 2010 and 2011) then it seems like those hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours enabled LMAS to do less even than they used to do–otherwise that money and time would have made a difference in the save vs. kill rate, wouldn’t it?

  15. My sister works for a councilman and on her first day he asked if she was related to me. She said yes and he said, “what can I do to fix LMAS? Please tell me because I get calls and emails everyday”. I told her to tell him to start with reading “Redemption”, but he already knows what to do because we tell him everyday, like all the others, he just doesn’t listen.

  16. Currently LMAS foster parents contact the designated LMAS staff person to schedule S/N rather than the facility making contact with the foster parent. In my experience this has worked effectively and actually provides some flexibility for the foster parent. This may be why the person referenced was not contacted by staff re: S/N.

  17. Sorry, no, you’re wrong on that one. No Kill Louisville has never had hundreds of thousands of dollars. They’ve spent less than $20,000 in two years, best I can tell, and that’s all been on rescuing and spaying/neutering. I published their expenses sometime in 2011 when the Humane Society folks were attacking (Hi, Patti!) and making shit up.

    Not even sure where you’re coming from, really. Since I know you’re well aware of Greg Fischer, Sadiqa Reynolds, Justin Scally (hi, sweet cheeks), Miss Open Records Hateful Lady, Chris Poynter and others working non-stop to make it nearly impossible for No Kill Louisville to have anything to do with Louisville Metro Animal Services.

    You can read about the organization on its website. Can even review its financials there.

    I also know you’re well aware of the reality that No Kill Louisville doesn’t operate Louisville Metro Animal Services. The only thing that will change the kill rate? Greg Fischer following through on his promise to go no-kill. And you also know that is NOT happening.

  18. No Kill Louisville collected something like $40,000 for Hope’s surgeries–a huge amount within hours, and much more than that within days. For a while, they were able to help with injured animals. They certainly had more than $20,000. No Kill Louisville supporters and rescues have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. You posted somewhere how much you’ve spent, I donated around $4,000-$5,000 to Louisville rescues that either helped LMAS dogs and cats or prevented them coming into the LMAS system to be killed, and I know that every time a rescue or even an individual sets up a chip-in or asks for help, people step up. It does not all show up on a single annual report because it’s being channeled through many organizations and individuals, but the money has been spent and is being spent. And NKL supporters and rescues have certainly put in the time. The effects are negated by LMAS’ stubborn insistence on killing, and for the save/kill ratio to remain unchanged, LMAS has to ramp up killing to continue negating the lifesaving efforts of volunteers.

    I agree the only thing that will change things is Metro Government following through on its stated intention to go no-kill. That’s why I keep saying that it is only massive and constant political pressure, and constant black eyes for LMAS and the Fischer administration, that can bring about results. I’m glad Jessica Reid is speaking out. I’m glad Karen Dickson and Jessica Durbin are speaking out. Is NKL calling for mass action? LMAS can count on Jeff Duff and “Taylor Collins” (who is Turner, too, I presume?) to back them up no matter what, but only massive public pressure from educated no-kill advocates is going to make a difference.

  19. I covered the NKL spay-neuter effort in June. Click here for that information.

    Yep, that’s Taylor, who sometimes uses their real name. I especially enjoy when they try to spin as actual records from LMAS prove them wrong.

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