John Yarmuth Donates Congressional Salary Again

Once again, John Yarmuth has donated his Congressional salary to the following 25 organizations:

  • Anne Braden Institute – UofL
  • Bridgehaven
  • CASA
  • Center for Women and Families
  • Crane House
  • Elderserve
  • Family and Children’s Place – Child Advocacy Center
  • Family Scholar House
  • Harbor House
  • Home of the Innocents
  • Jewish Community of Louisville
  • Kentucky Center Governor’s School for the Arts
  • Kentucky School of Art
  • KET Commonwealth Fund
  • The Library Foundation
  • Louisville Fund for the Arts
  • Louisville Urban League
  • Louisville Zoo
  • Maryhurst
  • Muhammad Ali Center
  • Simmons University
  • United Way
  • Volunteers of America
  • Youth Build Louisville

“With our economy in recovery, a lot of really wonderful organizations are being forced to cut already lean budgets,” Yarmuth said. “I am very fortunate to be in a position to offer this small assist as these groups work so diligently and effectively to enrich the Louisville community.”

Yarmuth, for whatever reason, never releases the amounts given to each group.

15 thoughts on “John Yarmuth Donates Congressional Salary Again

  1. Thank you, Congressman Yarmuth! As a former employee of Bridgehaven, Family and Children’s Place and other Metro United Way agencies I appreciate your support of mental health services. Again, all the way out in Arizona, you are still my Representative!

  2. I will note he can do this because he is wealthy already. Many legislators don’t have the luxury of donating their salary.

  3. Most Congresscritters and Senators are wealthy and can afford to donate their salary.

    Many – like Mitch McConnell – are way more wealthy than John Yarmuth.

  4. If memory serves me correctly, he has given every one of the salary dollars he has received since being in congress to agencies helping people in his district.

  5. “Mr. & Mrs. Rand Paul Plan for Charity”

    Mrs.: “What should we do for charity this year, Rand? Anything?”

    Mr.: I say we go 10% (like a tithe) to the Ayn Rand Institute and 90% to my dad’s presidential campaign.”

    Mrs.: “What about the church charities?”

    Mr.: “I’m not running for Senate this year, Babe.”

  6. Really RPlant? I’d like you to name a few, especially from Kentucky, who aren’t already as rich as four feet up a bulls a** before they ever set foot in DC. They not only don’t offer to donate their salary, they don’t donate a DIME to any of their local or state charities. I can’t say it surprises me though. Rich Mitch has his hand in so many pockets he can’t use one to actually drop a teeny bit of his immense war chest into some of these struggling charity organizations’ buckets. He only believes in donating to himself. It appears Rand is made of the same cloth, at least on this particular subject.

  7. I find it funny that we complain about wealthy people in Congress, but it is only wealthy people who can actually afford to run for Congress. I honestly have no way of knowing who donates what to charity. Their “war chest” is not supposed to be income.

    I make a decent salary, but I couldn’t begin to afford to even start a race for Congress.

  8. War chest? Who said anything about campaign finance?

    This is about personal wealth – the level of which affords one the opportunity to donate a massive Congressional salary.

  9. That’s a good thing but does he get to take it off on his taxes. If not Then Good Job.. If he can deduct it then the donations should be doubled if really donations.

    Now how about Rand he worked to put a bill in with money towards a project in Bowling Green at the Corvette Museum he said in the bill that they needed a corvette replica in the museum. and so the museum needed funds for it HA HA. Washington knows that’s were they are built so watch he or a family member had one for Christmas. That was his Donations.

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