It’s Monday. What Will Float Up At MSD Today?

The Metro Sewer District board is set to discuss ethics policy. Will you be holding your breath on that one? [WFPL]

Let the Jerry Abramson knob-slobbing begin. We’re not sure how it’s technically possible to work full-time in Frankfort while he works full-time in Louisville. [WAVE3]

This is the State of the Commonwealth speech that Steve Beshear should have given. It did need a bit of Gatewood Galbraith. [Tom Eblen]

Nope, still no mention that Attica Scott had to drag Greg Fischer kicking and screaming to take a tour of the first Metro Council district. [FOX41]

Never mind that that’s exactly what she had to do last week with the aid of the press. [The ‘Ville Voice]

This latest mess in Lexington is why Kentucky counties need to be given the ability to abolish the use of constables at their own discretion. [H-L]

In an editorial praising the merger of non-public hospitals, the editorial board has finally decided that it’s appropriate to question the soundness of “stewardship” at the University of Louisville and its hospital. [C-J/AKN]

Did you know authors who visit the lie-berry take part in a free podcast when they come to town? [Consuming Louisville]

You should probably go to Fern Creek High School tonight from 6:00 to 8:00 P.M. to “Talk to Greg” Fischer. [WHAS11]

Yep, just like that the Louisville Orchestra and its musicians (former musicians?) have dragged that drama out again. This time over unemployment benefits. [Business First]

More changes to the Jefferson County Public Schools student assignment plan are possible. So that means it’s time for everybody to freak out. [WLKY]

The ongoing Kentucky Retirement Systems scandal is raging like wild fire. Locals should probably pay attention because it’s all the Abramson-Fischer folks in charge of burning that barn down. [Page One]

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