Greg Fischer Skirting Open Records Laws

Dear Greg:

Why do you continue to use your private personal/campaign email account to conduct official city business?

GLI even made note of it in an official document that was handed out in Toronto:

Could it be that you’re trying to skirt Kentucky’s sunshine laws?

Is this yet another example of your infamous transparency?

4 thoughts on “Greg Fischer Skirting Open Records Laws

  1. Problem is, I doubt it would even occur to him that using a personal email is an issue – he’s just absolutely clueless about government. And his flunkies are just as clueless as he is. I’m not sure he has even the slightest awareness about Open Records law. Hence their apparent lack of realization that their email exchanges with Hart and the other guy about the so-called donation might actually be preserved.

  2. I think the AG has opined on that in the past – and said if it relates to public business, you can get it. But I doubt he knows that.

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