Can’t Afford Trash Pick-Up But Can Afford This

We’re all about environmental responsibility and are even more about our government doing the right thing when it comes to environmental stewardship.

Which is why we’re having a mixed reaction to this:

Today, I named Maria Koetter as the city’s first Director of Sustainability. She has more than 20 years in the environmental experience, most recently as the founder and owner of Louisville-based Bgreen2.

Koetter is great. There’s no doubting that. But….

We can afford another $100K salary but can’t afford trash pickup. We can afford another $100K salary but can’t afford to feed the animals at Metro Animal Services. Think on just those two things for a moment.

Shouldn’t sustainability be a function of government as it is? Without having to pay someone to tell you how not to be wasteful and ridiculous?

Strikes us as bizarre because there’s no reason this information couldn’t be obtained for free through any number of channels. Greg Fischer has tons of green-types in his immediate circle.

Maybe we’re reacting negatively because it’s Greg and he screws everything up. Just smells like more wasted money to us.

7 thoughts on “Can’t Afford Trash Pick-Up But Can Afford This

  1. JCTC recently hired a “Sustainability Coordinator.” We were already recycling and doing green stuff–integrating this on a daily basis. It just seems that there is always enough money for more administrators and management folks, but we can’t find the money to hire the full-time faculty and staff that is is so sorely needed.

  2. Would I have preferred if he had chosen someone who wasn’t a contributor to his campaign? Yes.

    But, I’m going to take a wait and see approach on judging the position and the person filling it.

    Our city sucks so much with respect to sustainability, we need a physical human whose job it is to do say that out loud on a regular basis until the mayor himself, and department heads start listening.

  3. He hasn’t already proved he’s incapable of listening to people who know what they’re talking about?

    This isn’t an attack on the person or the position.

    It’s a question about the costs involved.

  4. Why the hell are all of the big lights on at the Great Lawn at waterfront park, I could probably power my house for a year from the juice these things are pulling?

  5. They have to run them full blast so they know what it’s going to cost to light up the park once it’s covered in new overpasses. Heh.

  6. love how every council critter is silent. What a bunch of losers. Is this position really needed??? Hell many of Louisville company’s have great experts that could partner with the city for much less. LG&E has teams of folks that can do this.

  7. Too bad Metro government doesn’t have an “Director of Financial Sustainability”

    I’m sure it will be a great hire to tout at the next national mayoral convention as an example of how progressive a city we are.

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