Better Warm Those Tasers Up In The Highlands

Louisville is about to see a cut in federal block grant funding. So you can bet at least a dozen more Fischer pals will be hired at $100K+ per year. [C-J/AKN]

Is Janie Miller the dumbest person in state government? Here’s her statement from last night: “The Cabinet is pleased that Judge Shepherd has agreed that the identity of innocent victims can remain confidential as the Cabinet releases its records of child fatalities and near fatalities cases. The Judge recognized that the public’s interest in determining whether the Cabinet did its job is not compromised by respecting the confidentiality of those children who survived grievous injury and those citizens who come forward to report abuse or neglect. The Cabinet is currently weighing its options on the Judge’s award of attorney fees and penalties and other issues, but certainly with today’s ruling, it is clear that when weighed against the Cabinet’s efforts to protect children from unwarranted invasions of their privacy, it was definitely well worth the price.” Daniel Mongiardo is right – craaaazy. Still making excuses for doing a horrible job. [Press Release]

The Kentucky Retirement Systems nightmare rages on while Frankfort ignores it 100%. Don’t forget that Greg Fischer’s top guy is part of the mess there. [Page One]

Jefferson County Public Schools wants a longer school year with more days off. [FOX41]

KFC is laying folks off at both its corporate headquarters in Louisville and at its restaurants. [Business First]

These drug folks drove a Bentley, a Hummer and a Porsche in that neighborhood and thought no one would notice something strange was up. [WAVE3]

Do you think Greg Fischer has a clue that a major Louisville-Detroit drug ring was broken up? [WLKY]

An historic warehouse on Broadway is under threat. Part of this situation just doesn’t make sense. [Broken Sidewalk]

Crime is apparently on the rise in the Highlands so you better warn your meemaw who lives there. Make sure she’s locking her doors and carrying a taser. [WHAS11]

Papaw Governor Steve Beshear has a transportation plan that stresses widening I-65 and the bridges project. Will either actually see the light of day? And a tip for those rarely leaving the city: 64 is already pretty wide between Louisville and Frankfort. Theres not a ton of traffic between Louisville and Lexington to warrant widening 64. [WFPL]

5 thoughts on “Better Warm Those Tasers Up In The Highlands

  1. Oh yeah, Jake, Janie Miller is dumber than a sack of hammers. Having been involved in the state’s foster care program for several years now, I can attest to how frustrated the dedicated social workers are, not just with the severe lack of money, but with the deadly combination of stupidity and arrogance of the Cabinet. Where is the Gov on this horrible situation? If Janie is truly that stupid, she needs to go. She should not be permitted to vote.

  2. I don’t know that she’s dumber than a sack of hammers but that statement shows what a heinous, callous bitch she is.

    She ought to be fined for issuing a statement like that on the state dime.

  3. “Callous” is right on. But to answer the question, yes Janie is the dumbest person in state government–but it may be a crowded field. (It almost makes me miss Reeeechie).

  4. It has been reported on TV newscasts that a group of concerned neighbors erupted into a spontaneous CHEER when the J’town drug thugs were taken into custody. : )

  5. Hmmmm. I am wondering if Theresa James, acting commisioner of the Department of Community Based Services, is even more callous and dense than Janie after reading her defense of the illegal withholding of the records on child fatalities and near deaths resulting from abuse by the CHFS. How disingenuous and venile to cya in the name of confidentiality and hide behind “the children.” Pathetic and transparent.

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