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More On Fischer-KREF-Elliott-Corruption Mess

January 20th, 2012 by jake · 3 Comments

You know how I’ve been telling you for weeks that Greg Fischer was barking up the wrong tree by trying to hang Ed Hart and Bruce Lunsford out to dry, right?

Guess who is cutting Greg’s nuts off, like we told you earlier?

I’m going to excerpt heavily from this Dan Klepal story and you’ll see why:

Hart said he was drawn into the complaint because of Fischer attorney Jennifer Moore’s response to Morrison’s complaint, dated Jan. 11, saying “it is clear” that Hart and his business partner Bruce Lundsford “intended to contribute to the (Fischer) general and primary election accounts.”


Hart says he and the other donors wrote the checks to Fischer’s campaign account only after being instructed to do so by the mayor’s chief fundraiser, Tommy Elliott.

Hart attached five exhibits as proof of his claim:

Three emails from Elliott and Christy Brown, co-chairs of Fischer’s inauguration committee, soliciting a $10,000 donation for table sponsorship at the inaugural gala. Those emails are dated in November or early December, and say one common way to raise the money is to organize a group of donors.


A Dec. 21 email from Elliott’s private account, directing donors from Hart’s group to write checks to “Greg Fischer for Mayor” instead of the inaugural fund. There is no explanation in that email as to why Elliott wanted the checks made out that way.


“If … we were making contributions to retire Mayor Fischer’s campaign debt rather than to the inauguration, why were we listed as host sponsors of the inauguration (especially considering that none of our checks ended up in the inaugural account)?” Hart’s letter to the registry says. “This is further proof that we were solicited to provide funds to support the inauguration, not Mayor Fischer’s campaign.”


“Rather than admitting our contributions were used for the wrong purpose (whether unintentional or not), you have instead mounted a spurious defense to a complaint on this matter brought before the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance,” Hart’s letter to the mayor says. “Essentially, your defense consists of accusing me and the other individuals in our group of donors of not telling the truth.

“Although I had every intention of dropping this entire matter had you returned the money, I do not feel I can continue to allow you to distort the facts at the expense of my reputation. I ask you again to return our donations, and also to stop your false statements about my intentions with respect to those donations.”

Go immediately read the entire story.

And then ask yourself why Greg Fischer continues to believe he can continue to pull this sort of crap.

Or ask yourself why Jennifer Moore was dumb enough to get involved.

You can think what you want about Bruce Lunsford. You can say what you want about Ed Hart. But absolutely no one will tell you they’re not completely, brutally honest 24/7.

If I was Greg Fischer, I’d resolve this right away and apologize. I’d close my campaign account immediately, absorbing the minimal debt. I’d quit lying to the KREF. I’d think twice about going after former opponents because of childish bitterness. And I’d think twice about trying to intimidate critics. Because there’s more where this came from and he knows it.

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  • 1 totalfailure // Jan 21, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    Good! I hope others show some guts like Lundsford and Hart and start chipping away at Fischy’s weak foundation. This is just tip of the ice-berg. The guy is a joke, a coward, liar, a virus. The longer Fischy is Mayor, the worse its going to get.

    Kathy Stein, screw the governor, move to Louisville and run against Fischy and take Louisville to the next level. The current morons can’t lead, can’t tell the truth, can’t move Louisville or this Commonwealth forward.

  • 2 totalfailure // Jan 22, 2012 at 11:51 pm

    At a time when we need real leaders, this jackass can’t even make a simple decision to right a wrong. Instead he’ll ignore the cluster and hope it just goes away like everything else. As Louisville burns, not a single elitist friend of Fischy has the balls to tell him he’s screwing up and start being an adult or he’s a one-termer. Here’s another opportunity for a Dem step-up and show there are better options then this moron.

  • 3 Karen Dickson // Jan 23, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    I seriously hope Ed Hart gets his money back and gives it to charity. I think it would be poetic justice if he chose to give it to No Kill Louisville, a non- profit that Mr. Fischer used and abused to help him get elected by promising to stop the killing at LMAS. When he was campaiging, Fischer would show up at ANYTHING No Kill was doing just to appear like he was on the side of the rescues and animals. Animal organizations will not forget his betrayal and we will make sure he is a one term mayor.