Wonder Where The Courier-Journal Got This Story?

Haha, so, funny story… we told you about Greg Fischer’s campaign finance bait-and-switch on Tuesday:

The Fischer crew pulled a huge bait-and-switch with donors. Here’s a project for you: Take a look at Fischer’s inauguration committee and inauguration sponsors/donors. Cross reference that list – the folks who were solicited for contributions by Tommy Elliot and others for Fischer’s inaugural committee – with Fischer’s actual mayoral campaign account reporting with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance and look what you get.

That’s right – a bunch of people who were told they were contributing to Fischer’s Inauguration. Only to have their contribution used to pay down his campaign debt.

Yesterday, we pointed out that Greg Fischer was caught lying about the shenanigans:

He said unused funds were used for civic purposes at the Community Foundation of Louisville. And that’s what he told inauguration supporters at the time.

Unfortunately for Greg, we told you yesterday that that couldn’t be further from the truth. Because prominent members of Louisville’s business community – Democrats, actually – contributed to Fischer’s inauguration fund (they weren’t campaign supporters) only to have their contributions show up as having gone to Fischer’s campaign to help retire his debt.

There’s also a paper trail backing this up.

And whattya know? Dan Klepal did a big story about it all. Click here to read it. And check the excerpts below:

Businessmen Ed Hart and Bruce Lunsford say $10,000 in contributions that they and five other people gave to sponsor a table at Mayor Greg Fischer’s Inaugural Gala was instead kept by the mayor’s election campaign to repay personal loans he made to the campaign.

Hart wrote a letter Wednesday asking that Fischer return all of the money to the donors so it can be contributed to charity — a request Fischer told a reporter he will “seriously” consider.

Told ya so.

Front page, above the fold, even:

Fischer counters that Hart and Lunsford wrote their checks to the campaign account and should have known that meant the campaign could use the money however it wanted.

“These are smart guys,” Fischer said. “They’ve been around the political world.”

Like we explained to you, it was a bait-and-switch and there’s an email trail to back it up. Greg Fischer is yet again lying.

Dan Klepal backs that up:

And e-mails obtained by The Courier-Journal clearly show that the donor solicitation was for inaugural events. In addition, an inaugural program lists all seven donors as being “Inaugural Host Sponsors,” which required $1,000 contributions.

Fischer called that acknowledgement a “discrepency.”

Elliott wrote in an email on Dec. 13 to a member of Hart’s staff handling the fundraising that the checks should be made out to “Greg Fischer Mayoral Inauguration.”

But eight days later, Elliott sent another e-mail asking that “everyone could write (checks) to Greg Fischer for Mayor.”

From Bruce Lunsford:

“It bothers me that somebody who has substantial means would … use his power and position to get money and pay back campaign debt,” said Lunsford

That’s coming from Bruce – a Fischer supporter – so you know the business community is more than outraged.

But the newspaper on Wednesday obtained an invitation to a Fischer fundraiser held in Lexington on Nov. 29 — at the home of Insight Communications lobbyist David Whitehouse.

When asked about the event, Fischer initially called the fundraiser a “reception” and said, “I did not solicit money there.” He also said that his campaign “did not send (the invitations) out.”

When it was pointed out that the invitations say “Paid for by Greg Fischer for Mayor,” Fischer responded: “I did not see that and I do not know that.”

Greg Fischer doesn’t even have the balls to take responsibility for his own campaign’s actions. Disputing, attacking, obfuscating when the facts are placed right in front of his face.

There you have it. Really – be sure to read Klepal’s piece. Let it sink in.

Note to Fischer: You’re welcome, Greg. I told you I wouldn’t let this one get swept under the rug. You knew this was a big deal when your face turned red and you stormed off.

12 thoughts on “Wonder Where The Courier-Journal Got This Story?

  1. Not gloating about the paper picking up on my story, really.

    But gloating to Greg Fischer that people are, indeed, paying close attention and are taking this seriously. He shouldn’t ever be dismissive of me when it comes to matters of campaign finance.

  2. JAke….I say you raise some funding ( that wouldn’t be hard) and start /produce/publish the Ville Voice newspaper ! Get it out on the street.
    Klepal should be working for you anyway , he’s the only reporter there that gets things halfway correct , and has the balls to report the truth!

  3. THANK YOU, Jake! It seems like the vast majority of this city is asleep at the wheel and is clueless as to what a corrupt idiot is “running” this city. Thank you for not letting him get away with shit and exposing him for the corrupt motherfucker that he is.

  4. I don’t know that Greg is corrupt.

    Have definitely proved that he’s dishonest on a number of occasions, has no experience, can’t hire competent staff and is keen on skirting the law (since 2008) when it comes to campaign finance, though.

  5. I keep coming back to him saying, at some point in the campaign, that he’d never attended a metro council meeting – and was apparently clueless about the process of government. Then when his staff didn’t know the difference between an ordinance and a regulation, I cringed.

  6. I’m seriously dumbfounded. Although, I don’t know why. I dealt first hand with the shadiness of this administration that will say whatever they want to get and do whatever they want.


    I wonder if Bruce Lunsford would be interested in funding a No Kill Louisville shelter… since we’d be running without Fischer or the damn city and having a good ol’ time proving them all wrong. 😀 haha

  7. If Bruce puts the right around and he started to hammer away at Fishy, he will wipe the floor with Fischer in a Primary. Bruce has a real business record. Fischy can’t do one damn thing right. I would love to know who attended the fundraiser in Lexington? How many of Insight’s folks? Keith Hall, Larry Zielke (also MSD’s attorney) Did Fischy drag Jim Gray in on the sham? Any members of the doomed economic initiative. You know the one that doesn’t have a single small business person on it. Failure. Failure. Failure. Start recruiting a solid candidate that will send Fischy back to his daddy’s pocket. He’s a hot fart that sneaked out and gets progressively worse as it rises. The entire City has a stench a failure

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