16 thoughts on “Woah, The Jokes Just Write Themselves

  1. I personally like his choice in colors. Tons of UK grads here in Louisville, myself included. More important things to worry about.

  2. For a man who makes appearances everything, well, uh, appearance should have been everything for this game.

    Who said it was important or worth worrying about? It’s just another misstep and a funny one that that.

  3. Sorry, he should have worn red because the majority of jefferson county citizens are card fans. Bad decision on his part.

  4. I saw him, Greg Stumbo, and Gov. PawPaw all hobnobbing in the President’s Room at Rupp and I avoided them like the plague. I DID meet (and got my picture taken) with Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, Sgt, USMC. An honor indeed. Aw shucks kinda guy, quiet. I asked him if he didn’t mind posing “with an old Coastie” like me and he said something to the effect of “I think I’ll survive it.” We both got a chuckle out of that…

  5. I totally agree with OOS, he evidently does not see himself as a public figure representing the City of Louisville. It wasn’t about his personal preferences on a basketball team but rather representing on national television, Louisville, Kentucky. We can’t afford to miss these kind of opportunities to promote our city.

  6. OOS, I think you are right he is totally over his head if he does not get the importance of image. I know that he does have extremely smart and savvy people like Chris Poynter who should be advising him on what is considered proper protocal before the event. Like he should be driving a Ford, he should drink something made by Brown Forman, his appliance should be made by general electric, if he his with organized labor he drinks pepsi, has the bug on his cards etc. Common Sense stuff.

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