Woah, Jim Ramsey & Crew Are At it Again

This week brought terrific news from Owsley Brown Frazier in the form a $25 million gift to the University of Louisville. This should in no way overshadow that.

However… you’ve gotta hear the gossip rolling from some very powerful folks.

After the news crews rushed back to their stations to file the story about Owsley’s gift? That’s when the University of Louisville Foundation Board kicked into high gear.

Guess what they’re trying to keep under wraps until after the hospital merger gets approved?

They voted to give Jim Ramsey a 25% pay raise and another $500,000 in deferred compensation for every two years of service at the University. Guess we know where Owsley’s money is going instead of academics and research.

We’re sorry to upset all the back room dealers but this is just obscene. This serves as yet another example of the great lengths to which some will go to bilk well-intentioned donors at UofL. It’s not the Robert Felners of the world that we need to be worried about.

7 thoughts on “Woah, Jim Ramsey & Crew Are At it Again

  1. Geez — sure didn’t take the U of L vultures long to swoop in on those unrestricted funds! Wonder if the students will ever get a chance to get anything out of OBF’s gift?

  2. “UofL’s Mysterious Shenanigans”

    Steve, we all have been asking your question for many years now. UofL operates as a clandestine institution that seems to exist for the honchos it caters to. There is no sunshine in the place–only secrets, bonuses, scandal after scandal among the honchos. It is disgusting, but no one does a damn thing about it.

  3. Wonder why Crit didn’t do an audit on the University of Louisville, better known as the Belknap Athletic Club? There is enough audits for 10 years around Louisville with all of the corruption at Metro Hall and in the various agencies as well as MSD, Louisville Water, etc.

    Seems that U of L needs to be checked out by the US Department of Education as well. Might as well get the Feds involved. Its obvious they didn’t learn anything from the Robert Felner scandal at U of L. In fact, they’re just as crooked an felonious as Felner was.

  4. Let’s see, one gets 25% and more as he and his players cover up theft and other scandals that they don’t want the public to know. Employees go years without a raise; students continue getting hit with rising tuition while the fat cats line their own pockets and cover for their friends. Only the big crimes make the paper. The theft, sexual harassment complaints and coverups might steer some donors away. The number one priority is to hide the truth before the public learns of all the abuse and waste that happens daily. They will join forces to convince authority figures that the honest folks who are telling the truth are in the wrong for speaking up. It’s like a well protected cult controlled by fear and many fearful followers go along just to survive. A 25% raise is a lot to pay the captain when some of the crew are pirates and there are far too many holes in the ship!

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