Where’s That Promised Professionalism, Greg?

What does Margaret Brosko, the overpaid communications director or whatever at Metro Animal Services do all day?

Why, she posts LOLcat pictures on the agency’s official Facebook profile:


And you wonder why LMAS is screwed all to hell.

Jesus H it’s time to shut that place down. Because THIS is what our tax dollars are used for.

P.S. Guess what happened when I offered to pay for the adoption of every single black dog and cat on Black Friday. Absolutely nothing. They literally refused free money and free publicity.

11 thoughts on “Where’s That Promised Professionalism, Greg?

  1. This is simply unbelievable!!! An offer to fund all black dog and cat adoptions ignored. If it was advertised as well as the zoo fiasco- no one would know. This is another reason why the other candidate was turned down. She wanted to do her own PR – on the teevee and radio all the time with promotions like this. She now was given a free storefront in Florence Mall where her fosters can bring in animals for adoption- I hear they’re adopting right and left. This is why Louisville cannot have nice things.

  2. I’ll no longer be contributing financially to LMAS and will no longer be providing food and necessities.

    No sense in supporting bad behavior. People have tried for years to change the place and these sons of bitches continue to run it into the ground.

    Some state legislators are paying close attention to LMAS over potential violation of a multitude of laws. But no one should hold their breath.

  3. So…I just feel compelled to point out: “Look at the great photo we got today! Instant friendship!”

    What. The. Flying Ferrets. Anybody with any knowledge of cats can plainly see that cat may in fact be the ANGRIEST cat ever photographed. It’s so pissed that its ears are laying back so far THEY AREN’T VISIBLE in the third photo. “Instant friends” is more like “instant dog slayer.”

    (This, of course, is to say nothing of the size rock one must be living under to have never seen a LOLcats before…)

  4. The only way that photo could have been more demeaning is if the dog had been a pit bull and if it had been staged in a caged arena.

    I thought the Humane Society was against personifying animals because it turns them into cartoon-type objects and creates an unrealistic expectation in the mind of the adopting public, which leads to abuse and abandonment.

  5. Mr. Jake, for the people who care to finally give up is exactly what I suspect Mayor Fischer, his KHS friends & Sadiqa Reynolds want to happen.

    Allowing them to continue to kill without questions asked. The number of cats/dogs killed in the past several months is sickening.

    Thank you for continuing to report the truth of the LMAS situation. It’s heartbreaking to see these poor animal’s lives used as a political “favor” by the Mayor & ALL of this goes back to his KHS connections. Their targeting of Karen Dickson (on the NKL board) was a disgrace & I hope she sues them.

    Meanwhile No Kill Louisville & their board members who operate Derby City Dogs Rescue – seem to be the only ones doing the work to save lives. NKL sponsoring dogs for the Pedigree Rescue Waggin; DCDR getting those they can out alive via other rescues & transporting.

    Please continue to keep the heat on!

    And Why is the local media not reporting this about this horrific situation??

  6. Keep hammering Jake, we all appreciate your passion for the animals. Maybe it’s time for a “citizen takeover” of the LMAS.

  7. I love this – “We always follow up with adopters to make sure all is well with their new cat or dog.” Really? I brought home a foster puppy this summer, that hadn’t been vaccinated yet before he was handed over to me. Had him for 2 months before deciding to go ahead and adopt the adorable little thing. Not only did they not follow up with me when I was fostering, they haven’t followed up after the adoption either. Maybe “always” is later this year or something. I’m actually glad not to hear from them, but this Facebook thing is ridiculous on so many levels it hurts. Is it considered plagiarism to claim a photo taken from a website is a “follow up”? Ugh…

  8. I second that, Puppy Love.

    I’ve spent more than $14,000 (no shit) since March.

    You think I ever received a call or email? Of course not.

    I’m just lucky to have people inside LMAS to help me figure out what the deal is.

    They most certainly don’t follow up and I think Brosko needs to start backing these bogus claims up. Much like she needs to correct the way she’s handling communication (see the story I’m about to publish in a moment)…

  9. They have no idea who has what animals and/or they don’t care. In my case, I’m fine with that. I pulled two dogs this the summer (one was a return for biting the adopter when he hit her! and one was black) and pulled a mama cat and her 4 eight-week old kittens just over a month ago. They would all be dead if I hadn’t. And I didn’t mess with the MAS vet…they have all received care from our vet, whom we love and has also cut us deals on these rescues plus our other three kitties we rescued from Stanford, KY. I don’t want MAS to follow up with me (and so not posting my name!).

  10. Don’t worry, They have no idea, they wouldn’t contact you even if they knew your name.

    If they aren’t following up with their biggest critic who willingly spent the $175 or whatever it cost to rescue an animal… they aren’t following up with anyone else. Because they clearly have zero true interest in doing things the right way. They’d rather lie about it, attack legitimate criticism, send out their husbands to personally attack and have Sadiqa run her ass around town making shit up.

    You’ve got nothing to worry about. Just feel lucky that you saved those animals from that shitzone.

  11. Apparently Ms. Bozo, sorry, Brosko, is the only person on the planet that doesn’t realize this picture has been going around the internet for the past several years. So happy our tax dollars are going to a COMMUNITIONS director that is so on top of her game!

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