That MSD Story Rattled Some Big Nerves Yesterday

Instead of contributing financially to an arts organization that already has millions of dollars this holiday season, please consider supporting Dare to Care so thousands of hungry youth and elderly can receive the nourishment they need. [Click Here]

Kentucky State Parks offer tons of New Year’s Eve fun and you should make note of what’s available in your own back yard. [Page One]

Congressman John Yarmuth’s press secretary, Trey Pollard, is leaving the job on Thursday to become the deputy press secretary for the Sierra Club. Stephen George becomes the new spokesperson. [Press Releases]

Ishmon Burks was named interim chief of police yesterday. [Press Release]

The editorial board wants you to call 311 if you know anything about the missing scales of justice. We want you to call 311 if you find Greg Fischer’s balls. [C-J/AKN]

Sexytime Herman Cain’s sexytime lady is sharing creepy new details about their creepy sexytimes. To think this all started in Louisville. [HuffPo]

Really? A rally is being held for Stephen Daeschner in Southern Indiana? What kind of jacked up are people in Indiana to believe the man is worth the mountain of cash they’re paying him? Wow. [FOX41]

Seriously – this is the equivalent of Sheldon Berman conning people into rallying for him. It’s the funniest thing we’ve seen in weeks. [WLKY]

Greater Louisville Inc.’s president and CEO, Joe Reagan, is a finalist for a similar job in St. Louis. Will GLI change and actually serve small business? Don’t hold your breath. [Business First]

Do you feel safe with MSD protecting you from the raging floods? [WAVE3]

Just a reminder that five pedestrians and cyclists were killed and one badly injured on Louisville streets in just ten days. [Broken Sidewalk]

Something tells us it’s not a happy week at Masterson’s now that 60 people who ate their food got violently ill. [WHAS11]

Could MSD corruption bankrupt Louisville? Probably not likely but you should definitely see what we’ve uncovered. [The ‘Ville Voice]

4 thoughts on “That MSD Story Rattled Some Big Nerves Yesterday

  1. When we first moved to the Louisville area 13 years ago my wife (a Lexington native) told me there was a two-year wait for cabins at some KY State Parks. I was incredulous – until we started exploring the Commonwealth (especially Western KY.) KY State Parks are the best in the land!

  2. Call the 311 line what a Joke I called the 311 line once to report seeing a parks official drinking and driving. a month later i was fired from my job by the same parks official I seen drinking and driving. I wouldn’t advise anyone to call the 311 line if you know anything about the scales hell they would just try to pin the crime on you

  3. How exciting that Steven George will be working for John!! We love John Yarmuth and we will be excited to have Steven as his side!!!!

  4. Do you think it would be appropriate for someone to call 311 and let them know you have suggested that they be called when someone finds our Mayors testicles? I got my laugh allotment for a whole week thinking about that poor lady who would be answering that phone call.

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