Some Questions For Anybody To Answer…

Why is the mayoral spokesperson speaking on behalf of Greg Fischer’s campaign?

Are our tax dollars now paying for campaign matters?

Does Greg really believe Bruce Lunsford and Ed Hart are going to back down after the stunts he’s pulled?

Who believes it’s wise for Greg to continue talking smack about Hart & Lunsford?

Why aren’t Louisville Metro Animal Services vaccination records in the government computer system? Why are LMAS officials claiming they are?

Why are 99% of cats being killed after 5 days with no effort to find homes?

Who believes it’s appropriate to come up to me (Jake) on the street to make threats when you’re a Metro Animal Services official?

Why is the general public turned away from the LMAS location on Manslick?

Why is Greg Fischer allowing Bud Scharedein to waltz off with that $200,000 bonus after the mess he caused at MSD? Is it hush money?

Okay. I’ll stop now. Way too many questions that will never get answered.

14 thoughts on “Some Questions For Anybody To Answer…

  1. One would guess that the reason why Greg Fischer is letting Bud waltz off with 200k is because one he doesn’t really care about fiscal management. Not to mention if they actually got to the bottom of all this MSD mess it would point back to Jerry Abramson. Schardein will end up taking the heat for awhile and none of the dog doo will get on the shoes of Fischer and Abramson. Probably because they’ve covered it up for so long. Its probably also to keep Schardein from blowing the whistle so he can keep his head high. Well his head has been up you know where for years.

    The general public is turned away from the LMAS on Manslick to cover up any atrocities or any citizen journalist who wants to expose the truth with either hidden camera or exposing those who work there covering it up. Or see Justin Scally get caught admitting something that isn’t approved by the management team making decisions for Greg.

    The person making the threats against Jake needs to be publicly outed. Again, its too bad a hidden camera isn’t out there when some fool like that makes a threat. That’s great evidence for the police because its recorded.

    99 percent of cats are killed because the people running LMAS along with most other governmental offices in this city are too GD lazy to get off their duffs and do the job they get paid to do. The real job which is serving the citizens of this city that pay asinine taxes to this burg while staffers sit around the office all day talking about the latest news or covering the arses of the local bureaucrats. I believe in people need to pay taxes but to have a bunch of JCPS people, MSD, Louisville Water, Metro Housing, and more sitting around doing nothing scarfing down huge salaries is nonsense.

    Again, under the new management of Justin Scally (Same as the Old management of Wayne and Gilles) they are unaccountable to anyone and the mayor won’t have the plumbing to do anything about it until some big uprising by the locals occur. They’re either too lazy or incompetent to keep the records in their computers or they have something to hide.

    The deal with Hart and Lunsford should teach Greg a little humility. He’s obviously ignorant if he’s trying to play hardball with two well known businessmen that helped him out only for him to throw them under the bus at least in the monetary sense of paying his campaign debts while not using the money for its purpose that was stated by those two gentlemen.

    Greg reminds me a big kid that never was told no and never was held accountable for anything he ever did. That includes paying for his coronation with their dollars instead of stuffing it into the campaign debt coffers. Or like how he threw the workers of Dant Clayton under the bus. He’s a quality guy yeah. Just like he wants to tell everyone to take low wage jobs because the powers that be don’t want to pay living wages to their workers so they can make billions in China working someone 70 hours a week at 50 cents an hour. You could make millions and billions too if you had a low wage workforce. With rents in this area between 400 to 900 dollars and houses from 85k to 200k, I wonder who can work for 1 dollar an hour. Maybe Greg Fischer needs to go do that since he’s always talking about compassion and community do goodism while doing the exact opposite. Ok, enough with my rant.

  2. I was going to say what Bill said. This city is about as well put together a a van that is seen around town held together by tape and plastic wrap.

  3. Oh and don’t forget the question Why did the Mayor allow the director of parks to return to work after getting caught on TV drinking alcohol and driving a city owned SUV.

  4. In Jacob we trust! asks the tough questions and we all know that not a single tough question will be asked or answered in the CJ’s Fischer year 1 review in Sunday’s paper. Probably why the CJ is headed south faster than Sypher on a Saturday night. Fischy is a joke and the wool he pulled over the city is slowly being removed. As painful as it is, Fischy is being exposed as a weak scared little liar that is inept at running or doing anything remotely good for the City. LMAS situation breaks my heart but I’m hopeful that citizens will grow tired of the senseless massacre going on. Fischy and his staff can’t possibly keep fooling us with their bs. I’m glad some are standing up to him and will eventually shed light on the ineptness. I hope Lunsford runs against the sack of shit and just spends a boat load of his personal money airing commercial after commercial on each and every fuck up. At a time when the City need real leadership, Jim King runs and hides and tries to do very little behind the scenes which doesn’t work. Come out, be a leader and stand-up to this shithead. somebody, anybody is better than Fischy.

  5. Ha! Riiiight. Careful with that or your beloved C-J and pals at the other shit rag will fabricate something else about me in anger and jealousy.

    (Was highly entertained this evening when a C-J reporter and a shit rag columnist left a party because I showed up. They love to write crap but can’t say it to my face.)

  6. Another question. Why did the “not ready for prime time” mayor and his band of idiot merry men change the waste collection schedule during the biggest holiday of the year? Now my garbage, which I pay for collection, will not be picked up for almost 2 weeks during this busy holiday season. If the folks employed can’t make a plan to avoid OT get someone who can. If OT is necessary, so be it. Is it too much to ask instead of garbage piling up all over the place?

  7. What gets me, Jack, is that the city residents who have Monday pickups (presumably about 1/5 of the Urban Services District) – still pay the same taxes, right? They are the ones hit hardest by this decision, there are 3 standard holidays that always hit on Mondays. And of course, Thursdays and Fridays will be out on Thanksgiving, and the movable holidays will get everyone. Just one more service lost to those of us in the USD, but my taxes remain the same.

  8. There’s already a problem with people going through garbage cans looking for treasure like aluminum cans. Now garbage is going to be strewn all over the place as they burrow down to the bottom of the can to make sure someone didn’t throw away a diamond ring or free drink coupon from Taco Bell. I just hope Fischer doesn’t expect residents to pick up after his big plan.

  9. I went with Jessica to get records from LMAS and compiled the invoices given to us regarding food, litter and medical supplies purchased. In the original records request, Jessica asked for information regarding medication/drugs used at the facility and how much of each is purchased monthly. She was told it was in individual invoices, not in their computer system. None of the invoices contained any vaccines that were purchased. They did contain food, litter, medication and other medical supplies (i.e. syringes, gloves, antibiotics) and euthanasia drugs. So they either don’t keep track of the vaccines purchased, didn’t provide the records, or don’t vaccinate.

  10. oos….they can buy it directly from pharma like Pfizer or from distributors like Drs. Foster & Smith. They should have records of invoices, POs, delivery slips, etc. if they did purchase them. I would assume that they’d be required to keep financial records of their spending for a number of reasons. The previous invoices were orders/delivery receipts that itemized what was purchased. None of those invoices included vaccines.

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