Our First Taste Of Local Problems Going Statewide

Will Kentuckians vote in support of the expansion of gambling if the legislation isn’t even written? [H-L]

Attorney-client privilege is a stupid thing to claim when it comes to dealing with Metro Government and something as simple as a silly permit. Particularly when it’s for a protest that accomplishes absolutely nothing. [WFPL]

Who really believes the University of Louisville Hospital faces a dire future without merging? Who believes Jim Ramsey could fix this in a heartbeat if he tried? [84WHAS]

Apparently 2011 was a good year for the Louisville “International” Airport? Lots of changes afoot. [FOX41]

Chris Poynter says a decision will be made on January 3 about Occupy Louisville. But Jim Mims says the the park needs to be returned to a public square “as opposed to a settlement.” So which is it? Has a decision already been made by the director of Codes and Regulations? [C-J/AKN]

What’s happening with the Sherman Minton Bridge? Are you still freaking out about it? [WAVE3]

Yep, this is how they’re pushing the University of Louisville Hospital merger effort on you now. By saying it’s the end of the world. [Business First]

What will Steve Beshear’s hospital merger decision be? Surely you can muster a guess. [WHAS11]

Just in case you still don’t understand why sidewalks are important in Louisville’s neighborhoods, here’s a video. [Broken Sidewalk]

Here’s more on that story about a dismembered girl in Fort Wayne. This is why Indiana can’t have nice things. [WLKY]

Is Tommy Elliott now causing problems on the state level with the Kentucky Retirement Systems and the SEC? Seems he’s not just the guy causing problems for Greg Fischer. [Page One]

31 thoughts on “Our First Taste Of Local Problems Going Statewide

  1. But Jake, Jimbo Ramsey can fix anything with just a snap of his fingers!

    But maybe someone should advise him about fixing his comb-over.

  2. It’s always a good year for us here on the cargo side of the airport. In terms of cargo SDF is either the 5th or 6th busiest airport in the world. And I believe UPS has direct non-stop flights to China from Louisville, so I guess that qualifies the “International” appelation.

  3. Wonder why there hasn’t been an audit of U of L lately. Like as in checking out their books, financials, compensation of administration, etc. Seems that Crit should have been doing this as well. Not to mention the fact that U of L like so many posters here know, has some pretty serious issues.

  4. Not sure how she could possibly have had time?

    Her office barely got the MSD audit completed.

    Kentucky would need about 200 additional audit staff in order to do everything that needs to be done.

  5. Oh I forgot, U of L is above the law and above being audited being that the Athletic Club at Belknap is above the law too. Not to mention that the board of trustees obviously lacks the plumbing to do the job of due diligence instead of giving comb over all that he wants and more. Same with the ripoffs that happened under the Felner thievery, the other financial losses of theft, and giving away hundreds of thousands to a University President that is making out like a fat cat while increasing tuition almost yearly for the last decade. Its a lucrative gig if you can get it and all you have to do is make nice speeches about how you’re a community leader and how your so called product is leading the city to a brighter future. Of course, which is pure BS but listening to Hargens and Ramsey and they think they’re going to make the community better when they can’t even attract quality jobs to Louisville and put the people back to work.

  6. I can’t say I disagree Jake. They are quite understaffed when it comes to getting things done. They probably weren’t done any favors by MSD anyway. I’ve went through a corporate audit before and it was tough enough but I can imagine the incompetence of MSD and that probably factored into taking more time as well. Of course, she did what she needed to do but now Fischer The Great (laugh) is going to jump all over it and improve the MSD to where its a world class operation (sarcasm).

  7. I know this sounds snotty, but it has been my experience (with some exceptions) that the only thing that college presidents and administrators are good at managing is their own careers.

  8. So President Ramsey and UofL have done nothing right? No Fulbright or Rhodes Scholars, no groundbreaking heart and transplant research, no acclaimed business and engineering schools, no dramatic increase in endowments and capital campaigns? All bad? Nothing to deserve a raise to keep around a president who has led the university to some great accomplishments?

  9. It’s rich to talk about the so called accomplishments of Jimbo “Combover” Ramsey at a time when he gets a 25 percent raise while students can’t even afford their tuition and have to go deep in debt to a piece of paper to get them some marginal job in today’s economy.

    The engineering school doesn’t even rank in the top 100 in its field. Nor does the school of business. U of L is about the same level as Azuza Pacific when it comes to rankings. If you bother to research a bit, you will find that U of L isn’t in the top 100 in anything and even the law school doesn’t cut it. What’s laughable is that its become an athletic club rather than a premier university even though it ranks among the top for endowments. You would think a top notch university would result from having such an endowment. Perhaps you believe the spin from the bullshit artists that work for U of L or perhaps you are one of them.

    We could sit here all day and debate points but I will leave you with a few scandals and missteps of U of L.

    1. Robert Felner scandal
    2. Syphergate
    3. The Forced Meal Plan
    4. Limiting the free speech rights of a student
    5. Various financial issues involving embezzlement
    6. A culture of management that doesn’t believe in the Open Door Records Laws
    7. Running off quality physicians and medical professionals to other hospitals.
    8. The attempt to make a massive profit by selling off University Hospital and merging it with Jewish and a Catholic Hospital
    9. A total lack of transparency when it comes to the university and its practices
    10. Lack of educational excellence

    Those just hit my mind without doing any research other than what I have read the past couple of years and before that. I’m sure if I wanted to dig up more dirt, I would find several fiascos that happened under the reign of King Combover and Shirley Willinghanz

  10. Bill: Your rendition of pigshit that has been dealt by the Comb-over Administration is on target and correct. Whomever “K” is, who got your juices flowing is, obviously, a paid hyper from Comb-over’s minions who march to his tune and dance to the bank to deposit their ill-gotten gains.

    The only thought that’s worse than the reality we experience with the local athletic club is that WHEN it dawns on Mayor Happy Pants that he cannot win the Governorship next time, Comb-over will quit and the Gubernatorial will appoint Happy as Prexy of the athletic club — so we go from the most nearly incompetent administrator to the most incompetent administrator — available. Yuccks.

  11. “Hurrah for Mark, Bill and Highlander!”

    You guys really put it in perspective. It is true that college honchos are never buried; they just come up from the grave and leave their institutions for bigger and better jobs elsewhere (too bad JR didn’t take those offers he supposedlyhad–it would’ve been a blessing to us all). Note that U. of Wisconsin–Parkside hired Felner as president, no less, even as he was clearing out his UofL office and thinking of himself in pinstripes. We have a Board that could not lead a cub scout group, and all they do is imbibe JR’s malt liquor of incompetence.

  12. Ex-boyfriend of UofL Equine Fund “borrower” is now having a MASSIVE garage built, including space for motorcycle storage.

  13. Nope, not a paid hyper. Just looking to add some truth to the standard anti-Ramsey and UofL mantra that seems to run here. And to address your list of horrors, debate is healthy

    1 and 2, blaming President Ramsey for the misbehaviors of Felner and moreso Pitino on him? Their individual actions should tarnish their own standing. They’ve been dealt with at the level they deserved. What fault can you lay at his feet for a faculty member who couldn’t keep his hand out of the cookie jar and a coach who couldn’t keep it in his pants?

    3. Meal plan. The university’s goal of increasing on campus living was tied to directly to this. Increased on campus living benefits in a number of ways, from higher rates of retention, graduation, to more subjective areas of an improved campus environment and student experience. It’s controversial. But it’s fairly standard at a large number of universities. The vendors that count on these dollars are more willing to make investments when there is a steady supply of customers and money. It’s fairly straightforward, and while one can disagree, again, how is this somehow a scandal or misstep? On campus living is up sharply, the new dorms and future student center are and will be amazing, and the campus is overall better for it.

    4. Not sure of the details on this one

    5. Various? I’m sure you’re speaking of the ticket office. She was canned. When it was discovered she was gone. A lady with a drug habit skimming out of the ticket office, again, over which he has no direct oversight is his issue? This type of behavior is wrong? Is it preventable? No way. But when discovered, it was dealt with, so again what should have been done differently?

    6. Open Door records laws issues? Where? Regarding the foundation? Other private entities within the university such as the McConnell center or the hospital? This is an area for immense debate but hardly without precedent. Nearly every public university with a foundation setup has claimed exemption from open records acts. UofL and Ramsey are not inventing policy out of thin air. Disagree with it, but it’s the norm.

    7. Running off faculty and physicians. Who? Roberto Bolli and other members of CII have built an internationally recognized cardiovascular center. The spinal cord research center achieved NIH funding for groundbreaking research in spinal cord injury. These and other bucks for brains hires have put UofL at the forefront of medical research and patient care.

    8. Massive profit off the merger? What data do you have to support this?

    9. Total lack of transparency? You already mentioned this in your mention of open records issues so not sure why you bring it up again.

    10. Lack of education excellence. You ignored my original post in just throwing this out. Most fulbright winners in the state (despite an incredible balance of funding in UKs favor), an increase from 2 in 2003 to now 48. More in 2011 than Berkley, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Wash U, Duke, or NYU to name a few. A Rhodes Scholar. All this while transforming a school with a prior mission as an urban, commuter school to a metropolitan research university, topping Kentucky schools in its rise in ACT scores, graduation rates, doctoral grads and the smallest rise in tuition since the most recent round of postesecondary reform. The university has issues, room for improvement, but again, has been provided good leadership under President Ramsey and hardly deserving of the shameless combover attacks in an attempt to have a leg to stand on in crying foul.

  14. The forced meal plan would have been just theft from me. In seven years and 2 years degrees I had maybe a dozen meals on campus because I did not have time to eat on campus – I had to squeeze class in while working full time to support myself and pay for school.

  15. “A Glaring Example for K”

    An obvious sociopath was causing massive destruction at Belknap. Faculty were leaving the place in droves (some having been there for 25 years or more), several dozen grievances were pouring in, allegations of sexual harassment, nervous breakdowns were occurring, etc. But the monster was “keeping the Indians on the reservation” and supposedly bringing in the big money via grants (he had one, an earmark from Congress, that he went to prison on). A very well-paid honcho stood tall for the monster, lambasted the faculty as “anonymous crappers,” and went on his merry way. A glaring example of amoral leadership at its worst.

  16. JR had virtually nothing, if anything at all, to do with the positive accomplishments that “K” cites–yet he loves to appear on the local news taking the credit. Of course JR runs for cover when mismanagement and corruption rears its ugly head.

  17. Spot-on, Mark Wilburn. Spot-on.

    It’s interesting to me that so many in Louisville practice revisionist history so often. It’s like they’ve already forgotten that Mark Hebert was hired to replace Drees SOLELY because Ramsey had foot-in-mouth disease and was unable to handle the mountain of scandals for which he was ultimately responsible.

  18. “Knowledge Should Bring Enlightenment”

    JR’S history is indeed a long history of scandals at his knees, gushing so deep that it is very hard to miss them. Yet it is a shame that UofL doesn’t seem to have learned from them (especially the blind, silent Board of Cadavers). Thanks, Jake, for having been at the vanguard of enlightenment in any case.

  19. Novena: Comb-over is the classic example of someone who knows how to smooze the folks around him into thinking he’s a qualified individual — and then adopt the age old adage of Abe Lincoln (with a slight twist), to -wit: “If you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, YOU MIGHT AS WELL TAKE A SHOT AT IT.

    To EVEN daign to think that this bloke is worth $600k annually and all the other perks he’s been awarded is utterly and completely preposterous.

    Only in Kaintuck can something like this happen

  20. “Do You Notice Something Here?”

    It seems that bloggers comment in long detail whenever JR’s news hits this blog. It is also interesting that the C-J has typically lagged far behind this blog when such news comes to attention. Finally, the UofL Board never seems to catch up with things. When will anyone be able to do something about replacing these inept, “nothing-between-the-ears” folks who merely nod and clap to whatever JR gives them to ratify? (They would even sell Belknap to UK if JR urged it.)

  21. YOU are “anyone.”

    Instead of incessant whining on a blog, work to organize and vote out those who appointed them, and vote in candidates who will appoint board members to your liking.

    Pretty simple, actually.

  22. “Not So Simple”

    Whoever wins has the power to appoint. and it seems that whoever wins appoints people who are politically beholden to the powers that be. Thus, we continue to get head-nodding and non-thought. In any case, we do not have a strong enough “democracy” to make your simplistic “solution” at all viable. And to argue against “whining” is to make that tainted “democracy” even more undemocratic.

  23. Novena: There’s no way on God’s Green Earth that anyone with a brain cannot realize the ineptitude of the Bored of Trustees of the local athletic club. Unfortunately that includes Ole’ Jason Pfuckett who is manifestly a UofL apologist who is probably employed by it or its NON-PUBLIC medical center.
    To give him credit, Governor Beshear, who appointed the Board and who has allowed Comb-over [sorry Jake but it adds to the comedy] to continue in office, has publicly and officially rebuked all of them with his recent edict on the medical school’s SALE. He should be given credit for this — and maybe there’s hope that in the future he’ll be more circumspect about those he appoints to these positions.

  24. Thank you Jake, I appreciate it.

    Highlander: It’s PUCKETT. I know you think you’re witty with your intentional misspellings of my name, but, in reality, you continue to come off at the classic old, bitter, “you kids get off my lawn!” type of person. Don’t make me have to go Culloden on you.

    Novena: It IS whining, if you sit by and do nothing. You are correct in those who win have the power to appoint. However, YOU as a citizen have the power to influence who wins. If you feel as strongly about this issue as you portray, then you should channel that into tangible results (working for change) instead of non-tangible ones (being a keyboard cowgirl).

    You say “not so simple,” yet it really is.

  25. “Again, Not So Simple”

    No matter who is in office, he/she will appoint “safe” and moneyed people to the UofL Board, i.e., KY’s “leaders” will not fathom radical change of any sort. They want to preserve their power and status. Appointing nodding heads and creatures with their heads in the sand is a typical way to do it. Perhaps there is a glaring example right now: How the current Board gave a shamelessly failed president twelve more years to make Belknap even more notorious.

  26. It IS very simple.

    Then you, or anyone else, have two choices: 1) work to change things, or 2) stop complaining.

    Make an effort to find and vote in candidates who will stand on their own and WON’T make the type of appointments you reference above.

    Otherwise, it’s nothing but a lot of hot air that does nothing to help the situation.

  27. Holding elected individuals, and their political parties accountable for their actions after election is a critical element.

    Voter-induced term limits can be very effective.
    (See: Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush)

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