MSD Is Why Louisville Smells So Corrupt Lately

You have to wonder when someone will take on Gerald Neal and his mounting problems involving MSD. It doesn’t help that he shares office space with Zielke, either. He needs to retire from the state legislature or someone needs to run against him to retire him. [The ‘Ville Voice]

We hear through the gayvine that Teamsters 783 tore down their Greg Fischer banner during Wednesday night’s meeting. He’s unleashed the beast. [Ruh Ro]

Kentucky is apparently incapable of getting anything but hand transplants right. Really? Hep C? Come on. Yet another reason Jewish Hospital doesn’t need to merge with the University of Louisville. [H-L]

Ever wondered what happens when your local media whitewash and ignore next to everything that goes down? Yeah? Then check the latest from people like Renee Murphy about Greg Fischer. [WHAS11]

This story about Jim Ramsey’s fancy new salary sure sounds familiar. And it will also make you wonder why these reporters allow themselves to be used as such pawns. [C-J/AKN]

Greg Fischer says he hops the new chief of the Louisville Metro Police Department will be a native of the city. WTF? He already knows who the individual is. [WAVE3]

Was Cindi Sullivan given her walking papers at WAVE? We hear that went down and that she was one of the few financially successful bits of programming at the station. [Deep WAVE Thoughts]

Cities that broke up Occupy camps are now facing lawsuits over the freedom of speech and the use of force. You can expect something similar to go down in Louisville. [WaPo]

Now you know why the Cabinet for Health and Family Services added so many new attorneys. They were back in court yesterday fighting the release of public records. [Debby Yetter]

Louisville’s overtime cuts will begin with sanitation. Predictions on how long it takes for the entire city to become covered in trash? [FOX41]

New Albany has hired its first female police chief. When will something like that happen in Louisville? [WLKY]

Have you see the latest spin from Jim Ramsey and the hospital merger folks? This email blast went out this week and it is truly eye roll-worthy. [Page One]

7 thoughts on “MSD Is Why Louisville Smells So Corrupt Lately

  1. “Like Felner, Like JR”

    Interesting that JR mentioned that several other universities were pressing him to be their president this past year. And, no, no way was he aiming for any big salary increase (so why talk about that stuff?). He was in bad company: Felner did the same thing for years as dean to get his salary up–and, man, did he! The felon was among the highest paid education deans in the nation; and now JR is following suit at the presidential level. Academe is on its way to the graveyard. And JR & Robert go to the bank.

  2. Let’s get this straight….we shouldn’t kick Occupy Louisville out of the park because they may sue us? Anyone that can write and has $87.50 can file suit. We have yet to see any of these suits be found meritorious. Your logic is badly flawed….but it usually is.

  3. Who said anything about not kicking Occupy Louisville out because they may sue? That’s a bit of a stretch.

    I’d be happy to point out your dozens of comments agreeing with tons of crap published here since 2009. Particularly your comments about Jason Stinson.

    Thanks for the concern trolling.

  4. Sometimes when you work in government, you pick your battles weighing doing good things versus not being a player at all….every single person in the Commonwealth of Kentucky should be scared to death that Tina Ward Heavrin is the Cabinet for Families and Services General Counsel. She is the most heartless b…h I have EVER met in my entire life. I can only pray that enough people are able to counter her and all her future decisions that could affect the vulnerable children that Cabinet protects. If Steve and Jane Beshear are true to their word about protecting those kids they need to get her the hell out of government. Jerry you didn’t do anyone any favors by bringing her along with you.

  5. Why should any Chief of Police be hired because they are a female? Or for that matter because they are black, asian, white, green, gay, transgender, etc. Hiring someone to lead a police department is not like hiring a CEO for a private company. Our city is faced with the need to hire/promote someone to lead 1200 officers….officers that have the authority to take away any citizens basic right to be free or to take their life if necessary. This chief must lead 1200 officers who know that coming to work on any given day might involve them being the target of a maniac weilding an assault rifle. The most qualified “leader of men” (and I mean this in a gender free sense) should be the clear choice, not the applicant who happens to be female or otherwise fall into a minority group. I don’t think you necessarily meant your comment to insinuate that Louisville needs a female chief regardless of her qualifications, but it definatley has the potential to send that message.

  6. Re FOX41 story on Sanitation Dept. cutbacks:

    “The page you requested is currently unavailable. Pages on this site are constantly being revised, updated, and occasionally removed. You may have followed an outdated link or have outdated pages in your browser cache.”

    Story now missing!

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