MSD Has Grossly Tainted The Entire Holiday Season

It’s Holiday Week or whatever so we’re going to be somewhat sporadic through the end of the year. There’ll still be a few good stories this week so be sure to check back during sober, non-bourbon periods of your days. Or, heck, even during your bourbon-filled binges. Happy Monday.

The New York Times knows what’s important and this Christmas it was focused on Kentucky bourbon. Though, don’t go ruining it with things like apple brandy or a cinnamon stick, wtf. Glad to see Maker’s 46 getting some mainstream attention. [NYT]

NuLu is getting some major love from an EPA grant and will receive a neighborhood design consultation. [Press Release]

A whopping 16 people have applied to take Robert White’s position as chief of the Louisville Metro Police Department. [FOX41]

The Associated Press piece about the applicants is apparently such a big deal that it was also published in the Herald-Leader. [H-L]

We’re still shocked that no one tried to shine green lasers at Santa Claus over the weekend. [C-J/AKN]

Merry Christmas! Someone got killed in Old Louisville over night. Great way for their family to round out the holidays. [WAVE3]

The Humana Foundation gave $200,000 to eight Louisville nonprofit organizations. Center for Women and Families, Coalition for the Homeless, ElderServe, The Healing Place, St. John Center, St. Vincent De Paul Society, Volunteers of America, Wellspring. [Business First]

Louisville on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is a lot like Any Small Town, USA on Friday at 5:00 P.M. Everything is closed and the world nearly comes to an end. [Consuming Louisville]

Don’t forget that not everyone has it as good as you. Around 600 meals were served at the Salvation Army Center of Hope on Christmas. [WHAS11]

Jim Ramsey’s massive pay raise – from $478,939 to $600,000 – just his base pay – got comfortably hidden in a Friday afternoon news dump. [WLKY]

Our phones exploded all weekend with calls about the Metro Sewer District and Gerald Neal. We had no idea how widespread the corruption was or how badly people were pissed. [Page One]

Despite a petition from the president of the Louisville Metro Council, the city is still pursuing its lawsuit against the LIFE Institute. [WFPL]

6 thoughts on “MSD Has Grossly Tainted The Entire Holiday Season

  1. “Dribbles of Silence at Belknap”

    Card PR Honcho: “Let’s get JR’s new salary structure out to the press as quietly as possible.”

    Card PR Underling: “Doesn’t this violate our ‘glitz at all costs’ mentality?”

    Card PR Honcho: “Not when we do something that might violate the public’s notion of prudence, good sense, and difficulties in understanding the ridiculous.”

  2. Novena: What I’d like to know is EXACTLY what other ‘athletic club’ (faux university) was pursuing him !!! that warranted this huge increase in his ‘bread.’ If I had to guess, I’d figure it might have been Azusa Pacific, since we passed it up going from 179th to 164th and it stayed the same at 175th.

  3. How do you honestly expect a little ol’ public funded university president in a poverty stricken state like Kentucky to make a paltry half million bucks a year when a professor can go on sabatical for a year and bring down a million? I mean, it’s soooooo important to make it possible for every Kentuckian to afford a college education, even if it takes the rest of their life to pay for it.

  4. “For Basketball, We’ll Pay Anything”

    Blogger #3 might be referring to the highest paid “teacher” at UofL: Rick Pitino. If you add up all his bonuses along with standard salary measures, he makes about 7.5 million this year. A lot of kids could go to college on that payout. (But he is having a very good year, so KY taxpayers will gladly look the other way.) The case of JR is another matter (unless you equate countless scandals with good years).

  5. Novena, no, I was referring to the UofL professor who went on sabbatical for a year and was paid his full salary of $982,000. I believe his name was Jonathan Hodes.

  6. For a half-ass faux university the salaries of all these yaps are significantly out of order. A halt should be called on this — where’s the faculty Senate? Is there one? If there is one, what’s wrong with them?

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