Meet The New Chief, Same As The Old Chief?

Why is it, exactly, that Jim Ramsey never, ever has to answer for people repeatedly stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars on his watch? When this happens at other schools, the buck stops with the individual at the top and they take ultimate responsibility. He’s yet to do so. Ever. For any reason. [C-J/AKN]

Will the new board members at Kentucky Farm Bureau continue the organization’s history of being ignorant and homophobic or have the times changed? [H-L]

You know you shed a tear when Sexytime Herman Cain suspended his presidential campaign so he has more time for sexytime. [HuffPo]

A date has been set for the Kentucky Supreme Court to hear the Jefferson County Public Schools student assignment case. [FOX41]

You can save 10% if you do some holiday shopping at the Frazier Museum during your lunch hour. You can also just skip a few hours of work and tour the place. [Consuming Louisville]

A pretty white girl is still missing and the media cannot stop talking about it. A young gay boy’s body has never been recovered and we’ll never hear another thing about it. Countless non-white people go missing every day and we also never hear about that. [WAVE3]

Heaven Hill lost 6,400 gallons of its alcohol this weekend. Losing that much bourbon is enough to cause any bourbon lover to have a heart attack. [Business First]

Greg Fischer is set to name the new interim chief of police this week. [WHAS11]

And the officers who frequent are none too happy with the way things are being handled. We can’t blame them in the least, as they’ve largely been shut out and their voices haven’t been heard by Fischer. [ & More]

The families of 1996 murder victim Tyrone Camp and accused killer Kerry Porter united for a vigil Saturday night to call for Porter’s release on a wrongful conviction, and to continue the search for the real killer. [WLKY]

According to a new report, youth asthma hospitalizations continue to rise in Jefferson County. And we continue to pollute like crazy. [WFPL]

How shocked are you that the editorial board is shilling – again – for merger, which everybody knows has been a failure? Are you even less shocked that they’re personally attacking Darryl Owens? [C-J/AKN]

Turns out that Oklahoma’s meth registry doesn’t work. Funny how Frankfort won’t bother dealing with the truth. [Page One]

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  1. Jake, one of the reason I like visiting your site is that you do not forget. Andrew Compton is still missing and we in the community should not forget

  2. At least they have the murderer in custody who gave the police a statement on the crime. I feel for the family but after the massive man hours the police put in at the dump site, what else can they do?

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