Louisville Used To Have Some Great Transit Dreams

Does anyone in the Louisville metro area have warehouse space they’d be interested in providing to No Kill Louisville for its food bank? If so, please get in touch with Jake. [Contact Jake]

Regardless of what happens today with the University of Louisville Hospital merger decision, Kentuckians will still be screwed. You already expect it, we know. [FOX41]

Pro-tip to to Patti Swope: Stop spamming us and everyone else with unsolicited press releases. Or get a new PR agent who takes your business relationships more seriously. [Come On]

WHAS11 explores the lives of 3 transgendered women living in Louisville. And, of course, that exploration pushes nothing but stereotypes. Come on, Gene. [WHAS11]

As I explained to Curt Morrison at the time, and he apparently didn’t take to heart, the person who solicited inaugural funds from Ed Hart and Bruce Lunsford was Tommy Elliott, not Christy Brown. I know because they told me so and have email trails to back it up. Even KREF is ignorantly placing blame in her lap. Christy may be the River Fields frenemy everybody loves to hate but she wasn’t involved in that mess of Greg Fischer’s. Maybe every other mess, but not that one. That’s all Tommy Elliott, Jim Mims and Bill Bardenwerper. Hopefully Christy will finally learn her lesson about trying to play power broker for her favorite little boy, Greg. [Curt Morrison]

Oh, look, the Ohio River Bridges Debacle talking points are spreading amongst the loyal. Thank goodness Kentucky has no money and won’t be able to build a downtown bridge. [Business First]

You’ve seen the corruption Greg Stumbo admits publicly he’ll do nothing about, right? Because it involves his friend, Keith Hall? The guy Crit Luallen fingered in a massive audit? The guy Jack Conway refuses to investigate? The guy the Ethics Commission fined and spanked? Yeah. [Page One]

Frankfort is still living in the dark ages, believing their pseudoephedrine legislation will solve the meth problem. Something that’s only really an issue in ten counties. And wouldn’t be if more than 30% of doctors and pharmacists actually used systems that already exist. But that’s the Kentucky way – raising costs to Medicaid, killing tax revenue and playing to fears. [C-J/AKN]

Sorry, WAVE, you didn’t have an exclusive on Senate Republicans meeting with Steve Beshear on gambling. Every outlet with a reporter in Frankfort or covering Frankfort had the story and interviews. [WAVE3]

We can’t decide if this story makes Greg Fischer look disconnected or just a bit confused when it comes to the economy. [NYT]

Here’s a history nerd look at vintage buses of Louisville’s transit past. Remember when Louisville had transit dreams? [Broken Sidewalk]

7 thoughts on “Louisville Used To Have Some Great Transit Dreams

  1. Love those big, old, clunky nasty buses. Especially those pre-GMC/Grumman ones. They all belched big black clouds of exhaust – back when nobody cared about the environment.

  2. Hey its ok if Greg Fischer gets his big salary and Jerry Carney of the IUE CWA 761 gets his big fat salary and pension. Just as long as the new hire GE workers don’t get bumped up the salary scale because upper management like Jeff Immelt makes 12 million a year and others at Appliance Park make upper class salaries while the workers get 12 to 18 bucks an hour with increasing food prices and everything else going up. I’m not greedy at all but I think that if these companies want their working class people taking big cuts, then management and mid level managers should have to feel the pain too. Greg Fischer is clueless when it comes to the job market or economy. He’s the guy that threw a bunch of former Dant Clayton people under the bus when was running that outfit. What a guy. Then again, he has the emotion and character of a dogpile.

  3. Of course Greg Fischer hasn’t objected to GE and Ford cutting entry level pay since ” all argue that job creation must take precedence over holding the line on wages, given that the unemployment rate in this Ohio River city is above 9 percent…. The trade-off is absolutely worth it,…..You must have a globally competitive wage to create jobs”
    The Mayor will never put newly hired Metro employees on a “Tier 2” scale because that would cut his support and contributions from the public-sector unions.

  4. Still waiting for TARC to put in basic bus shelters around town, lots of people get to wait by the side of the road without any benches shelters or anything sitting on upended old Velocity newspaper boxes. Apparently if you ride the bus you are a second class citizen in this town. We need a public art project to design and install shelters rather than another plastic horse, pig, or other fiberglass creature. This could be a great way to add interest to the city landscape and provide functional shelter for the people waiting to ride the bus.

  5. Metro employees are on a two tier pay schedule. Union employees get longevity and cost of living raises and non-union/management employees get told GTFO if you don’t like it and get no raises of any kind.

    A big part of why city services in this town are fucked is because line supervisors get payed less than their employees and they really only care about doing the bare minimum to keep their job.

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