King Pushes Louisville Economic Recovery Myth

Kentuckians won’t be shocked to learn that the government tested AIDS drugs on foster kids. [MSNBC]

Greater Louisville Inc.’s big dog is leaving for St. Louis. This means someone else will come in to suck down hundreds of thousands of dollars for bringing more of the same. [WFPL]

Anyone who thinks Steve Beshear won’t approve the University of Louisville Hospital merger because the Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression says not to is disconnected from the world. [C-J/AKN]

Wonder where the Herald-Leader got its idea for a story about the crazy Hart County superintendent and his creationism fantasies? [H-L]

Rand Paul has absolutely no idea that he was elected by Kentuckians – including Democrats – and he’s not about to learn any time soon. [Page One]

Jefferson County Public Schools is STILL spending your tax dollars to discuss student assignment plans. [FOX41]

Tina Ward-Pugh took time out of her day of ignoring Metro Animal Services (Hi, Tina!) to get a bike rack installed on Frankfort Avenue. It’s a good thing but she deserves to be called out for ignoring LMAS/serving as an apologist. [Broken Sidewalk]

Just a reminder that Kelly Downard has the guts to stand up. He’s also not an apologist and isn’t afraid to do the job taxpayers pay him to do. Regardless of partisanship. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Jerry Abramson finally got another job doing nothing. At least Louisville got rid of him, right? [WAVE3]

Indianapolis wants to fund a rail and expanded bus system. Read that again and again. Indianapolis, not Louisville. [Business First]

MSD paid an $8,000 fine to the Army Corps of Engineers and WHAS11 refuses to take the MSD talking point that it’s not a fine, thankfully. [WHAS11]

Jim King was forced to pretend he’s a fan of Joe Reagan yesterday: “Louisville is losing a true business leader. Joe Reagan is a dedicated professional who was instrumental in helping us through the businesses side of merged government. Working with state and local leaders, he and GLI have helped secure a solid future with Ford, GE and the rebirth of Downtown with the YUM Center. I wish Joe and his family success in St. Louis and look forward to working with GLI to continue the momentum Louisville is beginning to see in its economic recovery. “ [Press Release]

4 thoughts on “King Pushes Louisville Economic Recovery Myth

  1. “To Believe Is to Unlearn”

    New resident of Hart County: “Am I on Mars? I send my kids to school to learn how to think in free person’s terms–not to be shackled by dogma and ignorant intellectual abuse. We should teach evolution because it is one of the most essential concepts in biological science. We should leave the Bible to courses in comparative religion or perhaps literature. I had better not see my kids coming home with Adam & Eve, Noah’s Ark. etc., on their homework. Then I will know–for sure–that our school superintendent is a descendant of the Ark’s asses.”

  2. regarding Jerry: I hope he’s doing nothing, because when he does something, it’s usually not good for more than a few select people.

  3. Hmmm. We’ll prob. see more of Jerr than we would like, because that everyday commute to Frankfort will over time get pared down to 4 days, then 3 days, given the scope of his “responsibilities.”

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