Greg Let The Drunk Driver Come Back To Work

Greg Fischer appointed the first black auditor in city history. It’s a good move for Louisville on one front. [WFPL]

Ruh ro – here come the big dogs calling Greg Fischer out for pulling a campaign finance bait and switch. [C-J/AKN]

These folks in Los Angeles are crying about 18 dogs getting euthanized. They need to get their asses to Louisville. [HuffPo]

Jerry Abramson is already hard at work trying to ruin Kentucky even more than he ruined Louisville. [84WHAS]

Greg Fischer has ordered a city-wide review of overtime policies and procedures. This is sure to end in a flustercuck. [WHAS11]

You won’t find us complaining if A Kentucky Newspaper throws up pay walls. [Gannett Blog]

Drunk Metro Parks director Mike Heitz is already back at work. Greg Fischer is allowing every joke of an official he’s got on the payroll to make massive mistakes without any consequence. We can hear the campaign commercials now. [WAVE3]

Yum Brands avoided paying state income taxes despite large profits. And we’re supposed to be surprised. [H-L]

We’re glad to see the local media is paying attention to a proposal in Frankfort that would create a tax-free weekend for educational purchases each year. [FOX41]

There’s a fancy holiday green gift fair on Saturday at Rainbow Blossom in St. Matthews. [Consuming Louisville]

Construction is set to begin on a new 21c Museum Hotel local in Bentonville, Arkansas. [Business First]

Riverport businesses are paying for their own police station in an attempt to combat area crime. [WLKY]

Kevin Cogan is once again trying to build a 17-story building in Cherokee Triangle. Here’s a look at 2008 versus 2011. [Broken Sidewalk]

Isn’t it convenient that Greg Fischer’s taxpayer-funded staffers are pushing this city-wide overtime review story like crazy now that we’ve gotten word out about his campaign finance bait-n-switch? [WHAS11]

5 thoughts on “Greg Let The Drunk Driver Come Back To Work

  1. A lot of LMEMS OT is MANDATORY, the employees do not have a choice. We also need to staff the units for illness, vacation, and those injuried on duty. Those that take the OT voluntarily, like the one named, save others from having to stay 16+ hours. We are many positions short and are being run ragged with non-emergencies (mostly at taxpayer expense). Unless those problems are solved, it will only get worse. If they start choosing to drop ambulances to avoid OT, it will be a disaster: HOW LONG ARE YOU WILLING TO WAIT FOR AN AMBULANCE FOR YOUR LOVED ONES? It is amazing that this comes out and pillories EMS at a time we are trying to negotiate a contract. Wonder why?

  2. I don’t know if LMEMS was pilloried, it is simply a fact that so many LMEMS folks rack up a lot of OT. I agree a lot of it is forced, but a lot of it isn’t, but it is all valid – the slots need to be filled. And the issue of EMS abuse is a critically important one, it is costly the city fuel, at the least, to make these runs. (Quantifying the cost is important, it isn’t a salary issue unless you can argue that we would need fewer EMS folks if the run volume went down, but it is certainly a fuel cost, and if any supplies are used, that cost as well.)

    The more important question is WHY there are so many vacancies that this much overtime is needed? Let’s see if the report is accurate and truly pinpoints the reason for it.

  3. Here it is December 8 and it has been “discovered” that $21.8 million in overtime has been earned by city employees since January 1.

    According to CJ article, the city paid about $25.09 million for overtime in 2009, and $22.26 million in 2010. Did they think it was bad luck?

    Maybe someone should invent monthly review of overtime costs.

    Question: Are overtime wages used in computing pension payouts?

  4. Like B R stated with it being December 8th, why did it take Greg Fischer a whole year to even review these costs. Again another case of him trying to cover his own rear end. As far as EMS, I would rather be paying out the overtime or maybe instead of overworking everyone make some more hires that way you don’t have the problem of burnout. Then cut the overtime back and you’re not paying time and a half constantly.

  5. Bill R: great question – one that city officials won’t want to address.

    Metro gov’t is paying the employer contribution on these OT wages to KRS – a hefty % on top of the $21.8M – and probably unbudgeted.

    Additionally, if these employees who are doubling their annual salaries with OT are near retirement – these inflated annual salaries go into their ‘final average compensation’ thus resulting in larger monthly pension payments – for the rest of their life.

    So, it’s driving up benefit costs now AND it’s inflating pension plan costs in the future. Similar OT antics have put a number of other state’s pension plans in jeopardy – Illinois being among the worst. It amounts to an abuse of the retirement plan.

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