Greg Fischer On Campaign And Inauguration Funds

Here’s Greg Fischer saying his mayoral campaign fund and his inaugural fund were separate and had nothing to do with each other:

He said unused funds were used for civic purposes at the Community Foundation of Louisville. And that’s what he told inauguration supporters at the time.

Unfortunately for Greg, we told you yesterday that that couldn’t be further from the truth. Because prominent members of Louisville’s business community – Democrats, actually – contributed to Fischer’s inauguration fund (they weren’t campaign supporters) only to have their contributions show up as having gone to Fischer’s campaign to help retire his debt.

There’s also a paper trail backing this up. There’s proof that the two accounts weren’t really separate and had everything to do with each other.

This will be swept under the rug until Fischer gets a formidable opponent. Then he’ll be a political afterthought.

2 thoughts on “Greg Fischer On Campaign And Inauguration Funds

  1. Why are Louisville’s elite business folks not publicly coming out with the info? Lets not wait three more years to get rid of this liar, coward and all around inept buffoon. Start making the case now that Fischy doesn’t deserve to be re-elected. Between LMAS, EMS, Parks, and the hiring of “green expert” at $100,000 a year. Hey Fischer, save the taxpayers and morale of City employees by forming a public/private partnership with LG&E or BF. Both have quality sustainability programs and top-notch staff that can tell you in 10 minutes what Louisville needs to do be in the 21st century. $100,000 a year is a waste. You’ve yet to make a smart hire. Why in the hell do you think the community will believe you on this one. You are a joke. Your staff is a joke. What’s the over/under that Fischy has more stupid Facebook posts than actual common sense decisions that benefit the entire community? What’s the over/under that you have the Voice Tribune on speed dial of your city issued phone? Someone buy this moron an Elf on the Shelf so he and childish staff can stop making child-like threats and child-like mistakes.

  2. Some of them can’t come out with it. But they’ve been willing to talk to me. Several of them.

    At first I was a little agitated that none wanted to come forward to ring the bell. But it says a lot when they’re willing to talk about what occurred. I know they’ll also be forthcoming if the Special Investigations Unit gets called in by a special prosecutor (get real – that’s not happening).

    Have to remember that these are people who don’t make waves, rarely contribute politically but always try to support the inaugurations of electeds regardless of party. Individuals who are not only well-respected in the community but are good people.

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