Get Real, No One Uses That Tiny Park, Greg

Will Jefferson County Public Schools actually get overhauled after those audit recommendations? Will the millions in wasted salaries be put back into education? [C-J/AKN]

Are the arena bonds about to be downgraded? Because that good be a very bad thing. [Bond Buyer]

The truth about the Keystone XL pipeline? Doesn’t look like the McConnell-Republican claim of jobs is based in reality. [HuffPo]

This is truly the American way. Presiding over and knowing about the theft of millions of millions of tax dollars and getting rewarded with bonuses and raises worth millions. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Gasoline prices jumped a whopping 40 cents over night and Jack Conway isn’t batting an eye. Price gouging? What? [WAVE3]

Basically, no business in Frankfort get handled until after the Kentucky Chamber day on January 5. [Business First]

The entire community – or, just the few people in town who even know there’s a bridges debacle going on – are foaming about the Drumanard Estate’s historic status. [FOX41]

Occupy Louisville is pushing a discussion on homelessness. It’s fitting, since Greg Fischer doesn’t see it fit to allow even those without homes to sleep in tents in the dead of winter. Are we still pretending that Founder’s Square park is ever used by anybody for any reason? [WFPL]

Evicting the Occupy folks downtown is sure to end on a really positive note, right? Because it’s ended so well in so many other cities. [WLKY]

Absolutely nothing could be bad about this. White Castle is considering selling beer and wine in some markets. [WHAS11]

Yesterday Rand Paul and his wife had some really upbeat and happy holiday thoughts (?) for you. Check the awkward video out. [Page One]

This is a good thing, right? Ramsi Kamar is building an organic farm to provide tasty goods. [Broken Sidewalk]

6 thoughts on “Get Real, No One Uses That Tiny Park, Greg

  1. If White Castle starts selling alcohol it’ll turn into a Waffle House fun house of shootings, fights and muggings…

  2. Will JCPS change their ways?
    I work there.
    I have the minimum and desirable qualifications for many administrative positions.
    I don’t even get an interview.
    My yearly evaluations are above average or superior. I come to work every day.
    Nepotism rules.
    Hello Mr. Gordon. Can you help me?

  3. If the arena bonds are going to be downgraded, does that mean that its a bad buy and that Jim “Bob” Host was lying when they said that the arena was going to turn a profit this year. Seems that a facility that makes a solid profit wouldn’t have to have their bond rating reduced. Not to mention, did the arena authority ever pay that outstanding property tax issue? Did they ever pay the out of state contractors that ended up working on the arena and some of which had to return to Louisville to get their money issues resolved even 6 months after it opened last October. The property tax issue first reared its ugly head about April or May which was ironically about the same time one of the contractors from Minnesota was in town to collect on the unpaid work.

    Seems that a public and state run facility should be able to pay its own way unless its another case of urban areas like Cincinnati and Indianapolis having to subsidize the losses of the people running the arena authorities. Hamilton County, Ohio and Marion County, IN respectively referring to the cities of Cincinnati and Indianapolis both have had issues paying for their huge stadium bills over the past few years. It might be added that in Indianapolis case that they were still paying on the RCA Dome bonds issued in the early 1980s when they were building the Lucas Oil field. Same for Cincy in building 2 new facilities in the matter of a few years.

    So I wonder? Is Jim Host going to be held responsible for any of this? After all he just ran back to Lexington since he stepped down from the arena authority. Was this timed that carpetbagger Host had to leave town because SHTF over the whole arena bond issue. Seems quite interesting that all of a sudden he leaves and now they are talking about a downgrade. Sure, the arena is nice and its aesthetic and clean and beautiful. But if you can’t pay the bonds for it or the property taxes or anything else, then you’ve got major problems and that’s going to bite Louisville and its taxpayers right in the butt.

  4. Yes, the Keystone Pipeline is a political hot potato for both sides. All of the claims have likely been exaggerated, but the bottom line is that:

    1) The pipeline and destruction in Canada is going to occur regardless of where the oil ends up. It’s going south to the US Gulf coast, or its going west to the Pacific and onto tankers to China.

    2) It’s going to be done with private money (not borrowed or printed) that will have some stimulatory effect and generate tax revenues in this country instead of Canada.

    3) The environmental exposures are minimal due to the viscous and relatively low toxicity of the crude oil (1/100th as toxic as the benzene in gasoline), the low permeability on the underlying glacial tills and clays in the area after the agreement to route around the sand bed area, and the statistically superior spill record compared to the tanker alternative.

    If there was a chance that the opposition on this project would keep the sands from being mined in Canada and the oil from being used, it would make sense. However, everyone knows that the Obama Administration after the election or the Republicans if they actually beat him, are going to green-light the project in 2013, so why not just go ahead and get the thing rolling now? If Obama was going to truly kill the deal, he wouldn’t have pushed the decision off until 2013. He just wants to dupe the environmentalists for another year while assuring the unions that he’s got their back in 2013. It’s going to be done regardless, so just do it now and at least we can get the benefit instead of the Canadians and Chinese.

  5. Falls City Beer being sold at White Castles not a bad idea. Better idea, sell White Castles at the bars that sell Falls City Beer in Louisville. Help us save on gas

  6. Jimbo Host left town after he got all the “Man of the Year” awards that could be distributed. The one he didn’t receive, but soon will is for the “Best Medicine Oil Salesman” east of the Mississippi River. That’ll be left for Happy Pants, when the federal grand jury finally is impaneled to investigate the fustercluck that he created over the last 25 years of his reign here.

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