Fischer Campaign Claims Versus Fischer Reality

Here’s what Greg Fischer says about ongoing campaign contributions:

Another Fischer contributor was Ed Hart, who gave $1,000 on Jan. 20. Hart is the chief executive for Kentucky Kingdom, which at the time was in the midst of negotiating a $300,000 annual contribution to help reopen the amusement park at the Kentucky Exposition Center.


He said the Babbage and Hart contributions “should be exhibit A and B.”

“If anybody thinks they’re going to get a favor from me for a contribution, they are sorely misguided,” Fischer said. “I’m going to do what’s right for the citizens, and it doesn’t matter who gives me money.”

Here’s reality:

The Fischer crew pulled a huge bait-and-switch with donors. Here’s a project for you: Take a look at Fischer’s inauguration committee and inauguration sponsors/donors. Cross reference that list – the folks who were solicited for contributions by Tommy Elliot and others for Fischer’s inaugural committee – with Fischer’s actual mayoral campaign account reporting with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance and look what you get.

That’s right – a bunch of people who were told they were contributing to Fischer’s Inauguration. Only to have their contribution used to pay down his campaign debt.

I’ve spoken with several on the list to confirm they contributed to Fischer’s Inauguration but not his campaign. They’ve got emails to back it up. And in at least three instances, the inauguration committee called donors after checks had been received to tell them to send another, separate check (voiding their original checks) directly to the Fischer Campaign to be used for inauguration expenses. How fis(c)hy is that? The staff never told donors the new checks wouldn’t be used for the inauguration.

I believe the Fischer folks knew what they were doing from the get go. They raised all they’d need for the inauguration and then converted funds to help retire Greg’s campaign debt. And it seems that the Fischer Administration is attempting to spin this as business leaders thinking they’d curry favor all so Greg can claim it’s just not happening. And we all know that’s not the case.

Somebody has a lot of explaining to do. Because I smell a KREF problem and grounds for an investigation.

3 thoughts on “Fischer Campaign Claims Versus Fischer Reality

  1. Taking nothing away from your dogged determination to keep Fischer honest, Jake, but I gotta ask: where the hell is the mainstream media!! This is a helluva story.

  2. The prominent are finally giving up on the mainstream media so they’re not reaching out to them. They’re reaching out to me. Also helps that I know them all.

    Guess that whole let’s-defame-Jake-and-use-his-dead-mother-against-him thing didn’t work as planned.

    That said – and in all seriousness – this is the kind of thing that goes on all the time in Kentucky. The difference here, though, is that Fischer isn’t using the usual politicos – he’s trying to hang himself on the business community and they won’t stand for it.

  3. That investigation will happen when the Ohio River turns to Kool Aid!….Just more of the same old shit. Also the word is out that Fisher is looking for a way to give Cordish more money !….They have their hand out again to put the next big success plan into 4th St .
    There’s not one real reporting agency in this town that will tell the TRUTH, The Whole Truth.

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